Power BI Challenge 12 – Transport & Shipping Data

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We had an amazing 11th round for the Power BI Challenge, which was the 1st for the year. Looking at the submissions, it was evident that the new year has brought about a new resolve for our participants to deliver reports that greatly bested their past submissions. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog.

Now, we’re moving onto the next round, which focuses on transport and shipping data.

Of course, we’re staying true to tradition and jumping into a new industry we haven’t covered before. This shows how dynamic Power BI can be as a tool, especially when it comes to real-life scenarios like this one.

Updates to the Power BI Challenge

There are a few changes that will be applied to the Power BI Challenge starting on this round.

First, we appreciate the amount of learning opportunities that our Enterprise DNA experts have been presenting since day 1. However, it’s understandable that our participants are asking for the playing field to be leveled a bit. This is why our expert panel will not be allowed to win these challenges anymore. Instead, their submissions will fall under a separate category.

For those who want to participate in the challenges but have no idea where to start, Jarrett, one of our experts, has created an entire course that can help you out. It shares a detailed step-by-step process that shows how you can create reports from start to finish.

Another change we’re making would be adding cash prizes on top of the Enterprise DNA Membership we’ve been awarding to challenge winners. These prizes are sponsored by a generous client who prefers to remain anonymous.

The new prizes should make the competition more interesting, and will hopefully attract more participants to join in the fun.

  • Winning Enterprise DNA member – $500 (or Amazon voucher equivalent) + free membership
  • Most Innovative Entry – $250 (or Amazon voucher equivalent) + free membership (open to both members and non-members, with the overall winner still given the chance to claim this prize)
  • Winning Non-Enterprise DNA Member – $250 (or Amazon voucher equivalent) + free membership (open to everyone)
  • First-Time Participant Winner- Pick from a selection of prizes, which includes a copy of the Definitive Guide to DAX, 2nd Edition or any book of your choice from the eDNA Forum Recommended List, a copy of SnagIt 2020 which is a do-it-all screen capture and graphics tool, or a four-month subscription to FlatIcon.com which is is an online service with millions of downloadable and editable icons you can use on your reports. (only for Enterprise DNA members)

If you’ve been participating in the challenges before, this should be a great motivation for you to level up your reports even further. If you haven’t joined the Power BI Challenge before, then this is a great reason to start joining!

Challenge #12

We chose a topic that really hits home with Challenge #11, which involves Covid-19 data. This time, we’re looking at a case for a client who want to see what Power BI can do for them in terms of reporting and analytics.

The great thing about this challenge is that you have the chance to really showcase the possibilities that Power BI brings to the table. You can be as creative as you want while ensuring that you’re delivering topnotch insights at the same time.

Power BI Challenge

Deadline for submission is on March 28, 2021.

The Power BI Challenge

We had a great year last year, but we’re expecting that this year is going to be even better for all our challenge participants, especially with the new prizes we’re giving away. If you’ve been following our Power BI Challenges, then you’ll agree that it has fostered a culture of collaboration and shared learning throughout the community.

The way the participants have progressed as Power BI users has been inspiring to watch as well. We see first time joiners struggling through their first challenge or two, but submitting amazing reports worthy of recognition by their 3rd or 4th round. This only goes to show that if you’re still thinking twice about your ability to complete the challenges, just go for it! After all, the best way for you to improve your skills is to get started — and this is the best starting point.

As mentioned earlier, the winner gets a cash prize plus a complimentary membership to Enterprise DNA Online. Aside from that, winning entries are also added to the Power BI Showcase where Enterprise DNA members can download and use them for some hands-on practice.

power bi challenge

Just remember that we judge the entries based on the 4 pillars of a great power BI report:

  • Data loading and transformation
  • Data modeling
  • DAX calculations
  • Reports and visualizations

Keep these in mind as you work on your submission! Each round has been tougher to judge, with participants getting better challenge after challenge.

How To Join

Here’s how you can join the challenge.

For Enterprise DNA members, check the forum thread inside the Enterprise DNA Forum.

  1. Download the data set from this link: Challenge #12
  2. Post your report on the thread.
  3. Submit your PBIX files to powerbichallenge@enterprisedna.co

When you submit your report, just use the subject line Power BI Challenge 12 – Name (Member). If you’re not a member yet, use the subject line Power BI Challenge 12 – Name (Non-member) instead.

Not yet an Enterprise DNA member? You can still join by going here:

  1. Submit your PBIX file, images of the report, link and description to powerbichallenge@enterprisedna.co
  2. Post this caption on your social media accounts along with the image below: I accepted Enterprise DNA’s Power BI Challenge
  3. Make sure to hyperlink this post
  4. Use these hashtags on your social media post – #EnterpriseDNA #EnterpriseDNAPowerBIChallenge #PowerBIChallenge #PowerBIChallengeAccepted
power bi challenge

Join Power BI Challenge #12 now! We can’t wait to see what kind of insights you can share with us through your report.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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