Our Series Of Power BI Challenges Continues With Great Success

Our second challenge was just released again with great success. Its purpose was to identify Customer Insights that can help your sales team and eventually your business’s growth. The second challenge attracted an even greater number of participants including professionals from a variety of industries.

The process was similar to the first challenge, meaning we gave our community a data set, which they turned into an insightful report with powerful visualization techniques using Power BI. Overall the submissions we received were of high quality, and our participants did once again a magnificent job in terms of reporting and visualizing data.

Foster Community Engagement
Sam, the founder of Enterprise DNA, has recently shared his own thought process on a separate entry. There he portrays eloquently the metrics he reviewed and the way he edited his data resulting in a thorough and self-explanatory thread.

By using separate threads to break down everyone’s thought process it is more likely that participants can learn and apply different mindsets throughout the Power BI Challenges. Therefore, we strongly advise everyone to share their thought process in a separate thread, as well, so that continuous improvement is facilitated.

Participate In Our Third Power BI Challenge

Our Power BI Challenge series brings together a community of eager-to-learn professionals and after the positive feedback from the first 2 Challenges, our third challenge is ready for you. This time the focus is shifted to HR data. Access the third Power BI Challenge and participate in this engaging and fun exercise with the chance to win unique benefits.

What’s In It For Me
In case you haven’t taken part in any of our challenges yet, here is a reminder of what you are missing out on. Because with our Power BI Challenge series you can:

  1. Learn

Throughout this challenge, you will have the opportunity to learn from experts in this field as well as from your peers. By participating in discussions around the challenges, and getting personalized feedback each time, you will get a better insight into what you could have done better, and develop yourself further.

  1. Get experience

These challenges will give you the chance to get hands-on experience on what the workplace needs from Power BI specialists. In this way, you will enhance your skills and knowledge around different industries.

  1. Gain personal benefits

Apart from your professional development, the Power BI Challenge allows you to showcase your work across the Enterprise DNA network, especially if your skills can award you the winning place.

Additionally, there is a chance of you winning a complimentary membership with a variety of benefits accompanying it.


So sign up for our third challenge today! Our founder, Sam, has created an insightful data set for you that will challenge your already acquired knowledge and teach you how to interpret HR data and determine business initiatives.

Enterprise DNA Team

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