October Update From Enterprise DNA

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Another huge month for us at Enterprise DNA. We have really ramped up our release schedule for many initiatives we’ve been working on.

Release Of Our Brand New Application Called The Analyst Hub

For some time now we’ve been talking about a brand new web-based app that we have been developing to work side-by-side Power BI development within organisations. 

We are building the ultimate collaboration tool for Power BI users. 

We’ve finally been able to release this to those who have participated on our presale and the feedback we’ve already received and the traction we are seeing has been reassuring that we’re onto something quite big here. 

The clean design and the ease in which users can collaborate with those in the community and eventually those within their teams has really made us feel that the investment has been worth it. 

And we’re not done yet. We’ve got many new features to build into the Analyst Hub that we will be working hard on in the next few months. Features like teams, projects, data mode planner, data pipeline planner, dashboard wireframe tool and others. 

Learn about the Analyst Hub here.

Power BI Challenge #8 Now Complete

If you want to be inspired around how far you can take your Power BI, and the reporting applications that you can build with it certainly check out what our community is showcasing within each of these challenges. 

Power BI Challenges

There is just no way you can’t be inspired about what can be done with Power BI. It’s truly amazing to see the submissions from some highly skilled design experts but also the improvement from challenge to challenge from those participating. 

Find the winners here.

Pricing Updates Across Our Suite Of Offerings

We’ve made some big changes to how our pricing plans now work at Enterprise DNA. 

Due to the immense amounts of content and value built into the platform, and also with our ambitions around what we want to do with the platform going forward, we’ve decided to make our membership offering a subscription-based pricing plan. The great news is you can access membership at a price point lower than ever before! 

This makes complete sense now based on how we want to align our objectives with our members and customers going forward. 

We want to continuously improve what we’re doing and make significant investments to produce more content, develop comprehensive resources, build more applications and pursue many more ideas that we will certainly share in due course. 

So there are three main offerings now at Enterprise DNA – MembershipCenter of Excellence and now also the Analyst Hub.

The Analyst Hub is actually also packaged into the Center of Excellence. So if your organisation wants to partner with us then the Analyst Hub will be part of that package. 

Brand New Center Of Excellence Portal Launched

We have been investing heavily in our new Center of Excellence offering. This includes a brand new web-based portal that links up all of the detailed content, resources and many other features embedded into the overall CoE platform. 

We wanted to make it super easy to plug this into an organisations existing learning infrastructure and processes. Check it out if you want to learn more. 

Center of Excellence Portal

Brand New Enterprise DNA Happy Hour Event

We decided this month to start a brand new event that will be happening every week. 

We’ve had a lot of success with some recent round tables and live zoom discussions so we’ve decided to make this happen more regularly. 

So coming up, we will be launching a new happy hour where you can connect with myself and also others in the community who can add a lot of value to your education journey or around various Power BI topics.

Brand New Enterprise DNA Experts Announced 

We’ve created the best community based anywhere. This is being shaped in many ways by our fantastic Expert group. 

With this collection of members we have brought together some of the most talented and skilled Power BI operators based in all corners of the world. 

This month we’ve elevated a number of new members to expert status due to their contribution to the Support Forum and also the Power BI Challenges. 

Well done to everyone for their efforts to reach this status. 

In conclusion another really strong month for Enterprise DNA. We have in the last few months completely revamped large aspects of our business and how we want to partner with individuals and organisations into the future. 

Plenty more to come, we’re just getting started! 

We are having super discussions with a whole variety of organizations pursuing comprehensive Power BI initiatives. We look forward to announcing some big partnerships wins in the near future. 

We really see Power BI driving a new paradigm in how data is managed, analysed and distributed throughout teams and organisations. Our vision is to be a huge part of making this become a reality for our partners so if you want to discuss how we can facilitate this then certainly reach out to us. 

Founder, Enterprise DNA 

Enterprise DNA Power BI On-Demand

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