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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI

New Showcases For Valuable Delivery Application and HR Interview Insights

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Once again, Enterprise DNA has come up with brand new showcases that demonstrate the wide scope Power BI has over various industries and applications.

The Enterprise DNA Power BI Showcases have always presented solutions that can be readily used in real-life scenarios. That much is true with these three new showcases.

Here’s an overview of what the new showcases are about.

Delivery Application

Logistics, inventory tracking, warehouse management — all these are critical for any business. Using this showcase, it becomes easier to track all these and get better insights on the data over any given time period.

This showcase allows you to select specific warehouse locations and filter by date using the slicer provided. Based on these filters, you can look at your Total Deliveries, as well as the Total Damaged goods and Total Returned goods.

What’s great about this showcase is that you can get even deeper insights as it compares the Total Deliveries Per Day vs the State Average, as well as the Average Minutes for each delivery.

HR Interview Insight

This highly-detailed showcase has three different tabs — Summary, Detail and Trend.

The Summary tab highlights the different aspects assessed to gauge whether employees are happy, unhappy, or feeling neutral. It visualizes the outcome based on the employee’s position, region and consultation. It also gives a glimpse of the overall numbers — the number of employees, the number of interviews done, and the different kinds of consultations.

The Detail tab shows a breakdown of all the employees categorized whether they’re happy, unhappy or neutral depending on the filters given.

As for the Trend tab, it showcases line graphs based on the consultation, region and employee position. Again, there are filters given on top to give a more specific look at factors you’re more interested in.

Delivery App Review

The Delivery App Review showcase shows that Power BI doesn’t just plainly deliver insights; it can also showcase data with style.

The main page shows three options — Understand, Explore and Take Action.

Clicking on the Understand button leads you to a summary showing the number of stores, the number of warehouses, the total invoices, the average delivery time and the damage ratio, among others. It also shows a map that visualizes where the stores and warehouses are.

From there, you have the option to either click on the arrow at the top right to go back to the main page, or click on the arrow on the bottom right to move to the next page of the report.

Does scanning invoices help reduce the delivery time? This is the question that the Explore page answers. The scatter chart on the page, as well as the available filters on the top right, helps you visualize the relevant data that will help answer that question.

Probably the best part of this showcase is the Take Action page, which gives practical suggestions on what next steps to take based on the data presented. It’s a great way to wrap up the data presented in the previous two pages.

The Power BI Showcase

Can you imagine how much valuable insight you can gain when you use Power BI reports like the ones above? That’s how important the Power BI Showcase can be for you regardless of what industry you belong to.

The Power BI Showcase is a collection of downloadable reports that you can apply to just about anything. These were created with real-life scenarios in mind, so there’s no doubt that these can be useful to anyone who wants to find out how to present and interpret their data the most efficient way possible.

These reports will also help you master the ins and outs of Power BI. By working on each of these reports and dissecting what’s going on behind the scenes, you can level up as a Power BI user and find more ways to speed up your reporting process.

Enterprise DNA Team

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