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New On Power BI Showcase – Purchase, Sales and Inventory Trends and More

by | 4:15 pm EDT | April 11, 2021 | Announcement, Power BI Showcase

Years into using Power BI and we’re still finding new great ways to use it as the ultimate tool for developing reports and dashboards. Once again, we’ve added three more reports showing different real-life uses in the Power BI Showcase course.

The Power BI Showcase is a collection of downloadable reports and dashboards that each dive into different industries and applications. Anyone who downloads them can have hands-on practice in analyzing data and can study how these reports were put together.

Power BI Showcase

In this batch of new reports, we’re featuring one purchase summary, one report showing purchase, sales and inventory trends, and one COVID-19 global report.

The great thing about Power BI is that it allows you to deliver so much insight in a single page. That much is evident in the case of this report, which uses the bookmarks and selection pane to do this.

Power BI Showcase

This report shows purchases, sales and inventory trends. It gives a clear overview of the ordered products in terms of amount and weight on the top left part, with a look at the total billed amount and the total weight of products billed in the middle. This is ideal for those who just want a quick look at the numbers without diving into the specifics.

The right pane also shows a comparison of the ordered versus bills products, as well as the ordered versus received and the billed versus received products. It also gives the total profit as well as the profit margin.

As for those who want a deep dive into the trends, all other details are also on the report. There are visualizations showing the ordered and billed trends, plus the daily versus cumulative orders and the daily versus cumulative billed.

If you want to zero in on a specific purchase order or a given timeline, there are filters on top of the report that allows you to choose from the dropdown list.

Purchases Summary

Another one-page report that looks at purchases, inventory and sales, it displays the summary of purchase orders, inventory and the elapsed time. It also classifies the customers by margin and sales, which uses data based on associated sales POs.

Power BI Showcase

To give a clearer look at the trends, it uses a line graph for the sales analysis and scatter charts to show the average days taken to receive goods and to bill the goods.

This report uses an embedded hover over tooltip and chart annotations technique.

COVID-19 Global Report

This COVID-19 dashboard compares the key metrics between global and regional levels.

At the very top of the page, it has dropdown filters where you can choose the country and region you want to look at. It also allows users to select a specific timeframe.

Once the specifics are chosen through the filters, it displays an overview of the numbers — the confirmed cases, the deaths, the recovered patients and the active cases — on the upper left side of the report.

As for the visuals, it shows a graph of the survival and fatality statistics. It also displays the progression of the disease, plus two scatter charts showing the impact of the disease by population size and the weekly trend of active cases.

The Power BI Showcase

With these three reports, you can see how dynamic Power BI truly is. It has the ability to deliver amazing insights even on single-page reports. This can be done regardless of what industry the report covers.

These Power BI Showcases can be downloaded as .pbix files, making the Power BI Showcase course a great way to practice your skills as a Power BI user. Of course, upgrading to full membership is still best, knowing that this doesn’t just give you access to these reports — it also gives you all the training you need to create reports and dashboards that are just as insightful and creative as the ones above.

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