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Whether you’re a data analyst, social media marketer, or YouTube content creator, you can uncover an incredible wealth of information by harnessing the power of data.

By analyzing your YouTube data, you’ll learn so much about your audience demographics, traffic sources, and many more. You can use your YouTube channel analytics to grow your channel, improve your strategy, and increase both your views and subscribers.

That’s why we believe that these kinds of reports deserve a spot in our Power BI Showcase page.

What Is The eDNA Power BI Showcase?

One of the best things about being an Enterprise DNA subscriber is having access to and play around with the Showcase page. This is one of the most important and underutilized resources in our On-Demand subscription.

If you’re running out of ideas or at a loss on how to begin building your report from the ground up, the Showcase is your ultimate playground.

It’s beginner-friendly and easy-to-use, and you can quickly find what you’re looking for by using the filter function. You can browse by industry, job function, or scenario.

By using our Showcase page, you will spend less time building your report from scratch, and more time perfecting and polishing your dashboard.

Brand New Dashboards Added

Check out the latest batch of reports we’ve added to our Showcase collection. These reports are the winners from the recently concluded Power BI Challege 21.

If you want your report to be part of our Showcase, make sure to join Power BI Challenge 22 for a chance to be featured!

YouTube Data Analysis

This complete data analysis of the eDNA YouTube channel is created by our CEO Sam McKay. It shows trends and time comparison analysis that takes advantage of predesigned templates and other “speed build” techniques using the Analyst Hub.

In this report, Sam wanted to identify trends so he spent a lot of time setting that up in the report and made it as dynamic as possible. He also used an advanced theme template from the Analyst Hub to speed up the report development.

Youtube Data Analytics Showcase

This beautifully executed report on YouTube data is crafted by Rachwen Mosbehi, our overall winner for Power BI Challenge 22.

This report shows off creative visualization, a complex yet highly intuitive navigational structure, and outstanding depth of analysis.

Youtube Data Exploratory Analysis

This exploratory approach to YouTube data was made Matthew Braun. It provides a summary of analysis and trends with strong data storytelling points.

YouTube Data Dashboard

This striking report on YouTube data was crafted by Veronica Aides. This report is well-suited for mobile view and features an in-depth analysis of subscribers gained and lost in connection to content satisfaction.

Youtube Data Metrics Exploration

This report designed by Gaelan Smith has an easy navigation and provides a comprehensive and highly actionable analysis of the factors that affect viewership to drive more channel engagement.

Gaelan’s main goal in the report is to make sure to nail the brief, which is to understand the audience better and have a further strategy to drive more channel engagement. He came up with actionable questions and insights that are related to audience viewership.

YouTube Data Analytical Module

This absolutely next-level report by Gustaw Dudek on YouTube data analysis utilizes a range of advanced DAX techniques, geospatial analysis, and innovative visualization techniques to provide a unique user experience.

Gustaw’s main idea for the report was to push the design aspect a little bit further with the standard pbix possibilities combined with PPT.


The reports in our Showcase page can be downloaded in PBIX format so that you can dissect how each were made.

Because Power BI is such a dynamic tool that can be used across various industries, it’s easy to look for something related to the application you need, and to find inspiration from the way these reports were made.

The lack of creative knowledge shouldn’t stop you from creating stunning reports that will catch your stakeholders’ and end users’ eye.

The Showcase gallery is just one of the many resources and tools that comes with an On-Demand subscription. We will come up with even more ways to help you write amazing reports and dashboards.

All the best,
Enterprise DNA Team

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