New on Power BI Showcase – OEE Manufacturing Report

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As one of the most dynamic platforms ever created for data professionals, Power BI continues to show us that it can be used in any industry and for different purposes. This becomes more evident as we continue to add even more reports into the Power BI Showcase.

Power BI Showcase

This time, we’ve added three new showcases that deal with OEE manufacturing reporting. As with all other reports in our showcase, these pbix files are downloadable and can serve as powerful tools in learning best practices from the people who created them.

OEE Manufacturing Report

When Paul Gerber started creating this report, he admits that he had no background on OEE and what it was about. But just like any other project, he decided to dig into the raw data right away while reading up on OEE and the relevant KPI measures.

From there, he proceeded to make this report that uses a Decomposition Tree and KPI Tooltips, with every piece of analysis presented in a manner that’s clear and easy to understand.

power bi showcase

Paul also mentioned that the Data Model Planner that Sam McKay talked about in one of his videos was a huge help, as it helped him organize his thoughts on how he can efficiently deal with the task at hand.

OEE Data Report

The second report was created by Rachwen Mesbehi, who came up with a very detailed look at the most important OEE metrics based on the dataset given. The report is also beautifully designed, with every element cleanly laid out.

power bi showcase
power bi showcase
power bi showcase
power bi showcase
power bi showcase

Rachwen also mentions that creating the UI/UX concept involved the use of Figma, which is a web-based graphics editor and prototyping tool.

Equipment Effectiveness Report

The third report was created by Harriet Stewart. She admitted that it took her some time to sort out all the data, but once she found a logical place to start breaking down the data, things were smooth sailing from there. She submitted a well-organized report that provides a detailed overall OEE analysis as well as a great breakdown of all other important components.

power bi showcase
power bi showcase

The Power BI Showcase

We can’t wait to see how much learning our members can get from these new reports. Once members download these reports, they can dive straightaway into the way these were put together, from how the data was delivered into bite-sized pieces, making it easier for other users to understand.

The Power BI Showcase is just one of the many things that add great value to the Enterprise DNA membership. For those who have not yet upgraded to On-Demand, this could be the sign you’ve been waiting for.

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