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New On Power BI Showcase – Logistics, Transport and Shipping

by | 6:05 am EDT | May 11, 2021 | Announcement, Power BI Showcase

Proving that Power BI is a dynamic tool is easy enough as you look at our Power BI Showcase. This time, we’ve added three reports that focus on logistics, transport and shipping – areas that are applicable across different industries in real-life situations.

Power BI Showcase

The Power BI Showcase features various reports and dashboards that can be downloaded and used for hands-on practice for Power BI users. It’s also a great way to study how each of these unique reports were put together, giving users the chance to refine their report development process.

Transport and Shipping Report

This transport and shipping report gives a dynamic overview of profits and losses as different shipments are sent from one country to another. It looks at data from the time of departure to the time of arrival over a two-year period.

The home page starts off with a clear overview of the data being analyzed.

Power BI Showcase

The Overview page digs into that data further, with ring charts showing the direction, job branch, transport mode, and incoterms. A line chart also shows the income by country, while a scatter chart plots the income and expense based on PM groups. At the bottom, another graph shows the income over a given period of time. All of these data can be filtered based on the year, source and invoice.

The third page shows the profits and losses, with the job profit, profit margin, job loss, and loss margin data clearly highlighted. It also shows the best and the worst consignees.

The fourth page focuses on time. It shows shipments that arrived on time, earlier than expected, and later than expected. There are also ring charts describing the income by departure, cost by departure, income by arrival, and cost by arrival. A table at the bottom details the specifics of each shipment.

Power BI Showcase

More details about the shipments are displayed through a table on the fifth page.

Logistics Dashboard

This logistics dashboard features a beautiful, customized design, making it one of the most eye-catching reports we’ve seen in this showcase. It uses a flow map and some drill-through techniques to showcase the data.

The homepage is definitely unique, with four different panes showing data for air, road, rail and sea.

Power BI Showcase

Once each of these panes are clicked, users are directed to specific pages that detail the direction, incoterm, and job branch through ring charts on top. A line graph also shows the total weight and shipment per month, with a flow map at the bottom showing the origin and destination. A table drills down on the specific details of each shipment.

Power BI Showcase

Transport and Shipping Dashboard

This logistics report was inspired by how mobile apps are usually laid out. The homepage displays beautiful imagery with an overview of sea shipments, air shipments and road & rail shipments shown on the rightmost pane.

The second page shows the key metrics being analyzed for each transport mode, which includes revenue, cost, and profit.

Power BI Showcase

The third page shows details of shipments in terms of number, volume and weight through a series of scatter charts.

The final page features a map that shows the flow from each origin and destination.

Power BI Showcase

The Power BI Showcase

Without a doubt, the three reports above showcase how dynamic Power BI truly is. Considering that all three reports tackled the same topic, each report still stood out and displayed insights in a way that’s unique from the others.

The fact that these reports can be downloaded as .pbix files make the Power BI Showcase course a great way to develop your skills in Power BI. Of course, upgrading to full membership gives the best value, knowing that this gives you more than just access to these reports. It also allows you to learn everything you need to learn in creating insightful reports and dashboards possibly even better than the ones above.

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