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New on Power BI Showcase – Financial Reports, Sales Reports And More

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Data professionals everywhere know how dynamic Power BI is as a platform. It’s useful regardless of the topic and industry you’re working on. This is evident in the various reports we feature in the Power BI Showcase.

Power BI Showcase

This new batch of uploads is a mix of reports dealing with travel, financials, purchases, and sales. Because these pbix files can be downloaded, it’s the perfect tool that could help users get best practices from those who created these reports.

All of these reports were created by Federico Pastor, our Head of Challenges.

International Travel Report

This report about international travel shows that you don’t really need a complicated report to show detailed data. This shows the total number of passengers for the past 21 years, allowing users to check data from both the top 5 and the bottom 5 countries.

Even the overall design is simple, which helps highlight the right pieces of information at a single glance.

Comprehensive Financial Report

This financial report shows the usual KPIs most critical to a business. Breaking down the data per year, quarter and segment (as shown on the left pane), it shows the revenue and the operating income in millions.

Once again, Federico uses the minimalist design to his advantage, with the totals highlighted on top of the page. He also used Inforiver for his matrices and tables.

Purchases, Inventory & Sales Executive Report

The third report in this batch is for a remake of the Power BI Challenge #7, which deals with purchase, inventory and sales. The dataset consists of a single Excel file with three worksheets for purchase, receiving and billing information.

The challenge required participants to stick to a single page as they:

  • Monitor trends for purchasing, receiving and billing
  • Track the receiving time per material and per customer
  • Find the bestselling materials by time
  • Deliver other pieces of analysis

Federico was able to deliver all these requirements in a manner that can be easily understood by anyone interpreting the report. He used mini metrics in illustrating the data and used ribbon charts and other native visuals for his visualization.

KPIs Sales Report

The final report deals with sales and production analysis. It combines the use of KPIs, charts, buttons and bookmarks.

The Power BI Showcase

The Power BI Showcase truly serves as one of the best tools for users who want to improve their own report development process. There is much to be learned from downloading each pbix file and seeing how each element were pieced together.

The Power BI Showcase is just one of the many things that add great value to the Enterprise DNA membership. So if you have not yet upgraded to a full membership, there’s no better time to do so than now.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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