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New On Power BI Showcase – Emergency Services Analytics

by | 5:58 am EDT | July 27, 2021 | Announcement, Power BI Showcase

Emergency services is one of the most critical industries in the world today and analyzing processes related to it can help zero in on opportunities to make it more efficient. With these new entries to our Power BI Showcase, you can see unique and creative ways to do this.

Power BI Showcase

The Power BI Showcase is a collection of downloadable reports and dashboards that can help users learn more about how dynamic Power BI truly is. By giving them opportunities to practice on these reports, they can learn best practices especially when it comes to report development.

Emergency Services Analytics

Reports should always have that balance between the amount of insights delivered and the creativity in layout and design. This report does a great job of doing just that.

Because of its clean design, it’s easy for users to view all the important details presented in every page. This also helps users interact with the report more intuitively. It also pays great attention to detail and maximizes every inch of space by delivering all that is required to make a thorough assessment of the data set involved.

The home page is beautifully designed and provides a clear summary of the results derived from the report.

Power BI Showcase

Once inside the report, it’s easy to navigate from one page to another using the icons on the left. The Overview page is cleanly laid out and makes it easy to view all the critical data at a glance, which includes the number of calls by the staff, number of calls referred to hospitals, number of ambulance stations, etc. It also lets users filter the data presented through the dropdown menus on top of the page.

2021-07-15 (7)

The Staff page also has filters on top to tweak the data being shown. It also contains a summery of the number of calls, number of staff, and the average patients age.

2021-07-15 (6)

The more specific details are shown through the visualizations on the page, with a bar graph showing the average length of call and the average time between the end of call and ambulance departure. A scatter chart shows the relationship between the number of calls and the average length of call, while a line chart at the bottom shows the number of calls. Most of the data used to come up with other results on this page can also be seen through a detailed table in the middle.

The Details table shows the more specific details of the data. Again, a series of filters are available on top to help users look for more specific information.

2021-07-15 (9)

Emergency Report Dashboard

Just like the first one, this showcase is beautifully crafted and made sure that users can easily access all the information they need through its pages.

The home page features a definition of terms plus a map on the right side showing where each of the hospitals featured in the report can be found. It also has navigational buttons on top of the page, leading users to the different pages.

Power BI Showcase

The Call Handling page shows an overview of the number of calls, average handling time, number of calls by age group, and the number of calls by gender on the upper left area. It shows individual details through the graph at the bottom showing the number of call per call handler, as well as the number of calls per protocol.

The right pane shows the number of calls by month, by day, and by hour.

Moving on to the Stations page, it shows the average dispatch time on top, as well as visualizations for the ADT by station and the ADT by month. More details are seen below for the dispatch stations, number of dispatches, hospitals, and the dispatches by gender.

Power BI Showcase

The final page for Hospitals shows an overview of the number of patients, patient handover time, admissions by age groups, and admissions by gender on top. Below this would be the details of the hospital admissions and the hospital admissions by protocol. The right pane shows the PHT by month, PHT by hospital, and the ambulance arrivals by hour.

Health Services Analytics

This report mixes various techniques to deliver data from various perspectives using a clean and elegant design.

The homepage features the navigational buttons that will lead users to the different parts of the report.

2021-07-12 (50)

The Summary page provides a clear overview of the important data in the report, such as the total number of calls, average length of call, time between specific medical actions, etc.

2021-07-12 (54)

The Timeline page shows a clear time analysis based on the number of calls made based on specific metrics.

2021-07-12 (55)

The Insights page visually explains how the day and time can affect the timeline.

Power BI Showcase

As for the call register page, it shows specific details of the calls made such as the medical dispatch protocol applied and the call staff handling each call.

Power BI Showcase

Emergency Services Performance Analytics

A mere one-page report, this showcase entry shows that a lot of insights can still be gained regardless of the length of the report. It goes straight to the point by detailing the performance of each hospital as well as other details like the protocols applied, patient details, and initial calls by date by hours.

Power BI Showcase

It also has filters on top for the gender and the date.

The Power BI Showcase

Once again, we’ve proven how dynamic Power BI truly is through these new entries in our Power BI Showcase. It’s the best way to gain more insights into any given data set regardless of the results that you want to see.

The reports in the Power BI Showcase course can be downloaded as .pbix files, so make sure you maximize them and use each report for hands-on practice and to learn a few tricks on how to create amazing reports.

Of course, you still get the best value by upgrading to a full membership. A membership doesn’t just give you full access to this showcase, it also gives you access to exclusive resources, classes and events that can help you become the data expert that you’ve always wanted to be.

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