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New On Power BI Showcase – Earnings Reports and Timesheet Analysis

by | 1:43 pm EDT | November 01, 2021 | Announcement, Power BI

We’ve said it time and again — Power BI is one of the most dynamic tools you’ll ever see, knowing that its applications cover all industries. This new set of reports and dashboards in our Power BI Showcase is evidence to that.

Power BI Showcase

The Power BI Showcase is a collection of downloadable reports and dashboards in pbix format, giving users the perfect tools to get some hands-on practice. It’s a great source of techniques and best practices from other users. This month, we’ve added 4 new showcases that show earnings and timesheet analysis.

Earnings Planner Dashboard

Created by Robert Maembe, this report aims to support both tactical and strategic planning. That’s why he decided to provide insights for both short-term and long-term performance. The report allows you to toggle between month-to-date and year-to-date data through the filters on top of the page.

Power BI Showcase

The YTD report contains a Price-Volume Matrix, which, Robert says, is important in helping companies re-evaluate their pricing policy. It does show that both small and big projects seem to have similar hourly rates, when ideally, the pricing structure used should be based on volume.

Robert also considered client size as a relevant factor after observing that high utilization rates seem to be coming mostly from bigger clients or projects.

One of the best things Robert did in this report is creating a Utilization Rate Calendar and a Utilization Rate Planner.

Power BI Showcase

All the data presented here may be useful for presenting historical information, but these trends are also a great resource for the future. That’s where the planner comes in. The planner can help users set new targets and adjust variables depending on how their environment changes.

Earnings Maximizer Showcase

Brian Julius, one of our EDNA experts, admits that while he is in awe of the way other experts design their reports with intricate backgrounds, color schemes, and navigational elements, he does not have the patience nor the creativity to build those types of reports. Thus, one of his goals in this report was to design a simple but attractive look that put the analytics front and center in a single page report.

Power BI Showcase

Brian decided to highlight some of the new features released in the September Power BI Desktop update. You can see the buttons composed of custom icons and text here as evidence of that.

He also says that he used some of Mudassir’s and Sam’s techniques in this report. He has always agreed with Mudassir’s belief that slicers take up too much space while providing no additional information, so he relied heavily on the use of cross-filtering visuals to take the place of slicers. He also applied Sam’s approach in triggering tooltips from elements that would typically not allow for that, using invisible cards.  Finally, he used the Zebra BI custom visuals extensively in the scenario analysis as well as in the highly detailed tooltips to provide additional insight and recommended actions

Earnings Optimizer Report

Sabine Schwenninger used a mix of Power BI and Procreate for this report, giving us a visually-striking piece with a highly-detailed analysis covering a variety of dimensions to show yearly earnings.

The Income page gives a summary of the average hourly rate, income, and duration FTE for each client. It also shows the earnings on a monthly and annual basis.

Power BI Showcase

The Projects page is just as detailed, with all the data presented in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner.

Sabine admits that the Financial Independence page took her longer than expected to complete. However, it also proves to be one of the best parts of this report, allowing users to customize some of the fields and calculate results based on different what-if scenarios. One of the most creative elements of this section was the interactive help system she created using chained bookmarks and buttons.

Power BI Showcase

Timesheet Utilization Reporting

Federico Pastor created this beautifully crafted report on timesheet utilization, balancing a clean, professional look with detailed insights. Some of the most striking elements in this report are the multicomponent KPI cards that at a glance convey extensive information in a very polished and attractive way.

Each of the pages are straightforward and delivers the data without the need for much explanation.

Power BI Showcase
Power BI Showcase

Sam says that he can imagine Federico’s report being used as a reporting tool in a large consulting firm, considering the great detail delivered in every page. He also finds navigating throughout the entire report a seamless experience.

The Power BI Showcase

Seeing this amazing set of reports added to the Power BI Showcase, we can’t wait to see the learnings that members are going to get. That’s the best part about making these reports downloadable files. There’s no better way to learn than by getting hands-on practice, especially when it comes to Power BI.

Of course, you can get maximum value if you upgrade to a full membership. A membership gives you full access to this showcase, as well as to exclusive resources, classes and events that can help you become the best data expert that you can be.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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