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New Financial Reporting w/Power BI Official Course Launch

by | 3:16 pm EDT | June 25, 2019 | DAX, Power BI

This week here at Enterprise DNA we will be launching the new Financial Reporting w/Power BI training course at Enterprise DNA Online.

To discover exactly when this course will be released and all further details check out the link below

Financial Reporting w/Power BI

***This course is included with Enterprise DNA Membership***

If you would like the check out the report you will learn how to create throughout this course, click the link here – Financial Reporting Application

Income Statement Laptop Image

This is an exciting time for Enterprise DNA as many of the ideas and techniques that are included inside this particular course have been developed over the last 12 – 18 months.

With the concepts covered in-depth throughout all the modules, you will see that you can create quite amazing financial reports or reporting applications based on financial data now inside of Power BI.

Throughout the course, we cover the implementation of many key financial reports including; income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Review Financial Details Image 1

We dive into a range of development techniques for how you are able to design table templates that showcase this summary information effectively.

We also spend a lot of time in the query editor and data model. Getting these two areas set up correctly is essential for this all to work for your reporting.

We also cover a detailed example of an accounts receivable reconciliation report or an aged trial balance example. Included as well are many important financial metrics and insights that will be valuable to those who want to add more colour to there summary financial reports.

Aged Trial Balance Image 4

Many great visualization techniques are also covered including, table templates, dynamic tables, dynamic visuals, application ‘like’ reports, colour palette creation and much more. All these ideas are all very re-usable across any scenario you might be working on.

Report Navigation Image

Along with the course, you also gain access to a variety of resources including; a completed demo Power BI showcase, detailed demo data, colour palettes and icons that are well suited to this reporting work.

This is a very comprehensive course on financial reporting and one that is quite unique globally around Power BI which makes it even more exciting as we release it to the world.

Revenue Insights Laptop Image

Plenty of time, effort and resources have gone into the creation of this particular course so I hope that if you choose to upgrade you really get a lot out of it and can learn to master this type of development work inside of Power BI.

We are currently having a course launch sale on Enterprise DNA Membership. All details on this can be found below.

Enterprise DNA Membership Course Launch Sale

If any questions on this new course don’t hesitate to reach out.



Founder – Enterprise DNA

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