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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


New Enterprise DNA Membership Sale On This Week Only

by | 3:18 pm EDT | May 27, 2019 | DAX, Power BI

After a very successful Learning Summit last week I’ve decided to run a one-week promotion on Enterprise DNA Membership.

You can check out all the details at the link below.

Enterprise DNA Membership Mid-Year Sale

This is for all users who are looking to master Power BI in a real-world and very practical way.

Throughout this week only you have the opportunity to upgrade to membership at a 20% discount.

Already this month we have had over 150 new members around the Learning Summit joining our membership program at Enterprise DNA.

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With membership you gain access to an unmatched quantity of high-quality & thorough Power BI; training, resources, ongoing support and guidance that can enable you to truly master this fantastic analytical tool.

Membership image 1

Included in the membership training package are 7 completed, structured learning courses, with a further course module due out in the next couple of months.

These courses, in a structured way, take you through all the key areas & concepts of Power BI. These areas (or ‘pillars’ as I like to call them) include the query editor, data modelling, DAX formulas and reports & visuals.

When you can excel in all these parts of Power BI, then you are well on your way to developing high-quality solutions that will impress those around you.

Check out all the individual details around these course modules at Enterprise DNA Online.

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Also included with membership is truly an unmatched amount of resource downloads. These include completed Power BI reports and models that can actually all be viewed here at our showcase page.

Enterprise DNA Showcases

Also demo data downloads are made available. These can be used over and over to practise many of the tips and techniques that you learn as you work through all of the training modules that are made available.

Membership image 3

Enterprise DNA runs many events and via your membership access, you can view all these historic events and also download all the previous resources that are utilised during these events.

There are tens of hours of video content & tutorials, running through a vast array of real-world analytical techniques that you can utilise in your own environments and data scenarios you are dealing with.

Membership image 6

Via our mini-series resources section, you can gain access to every single resource which is exampled on the Enterprise DNA TV channel which is located on YouTube.

Currently, there are over 200 tutorials with downloads available. These are all catalogued and easily searchable via the Enterprise DNA Forum, enabling quick access to any technique or formula example that you might want to review and add into your own models.

Membership image 7

Also at Enterprise DNA, we have ongoing member-only events which are also referred to as Scenario Method Events.

These workshops are a unique way of learning and mastering Power BI with scenarios which are as real-world as possible. During every session, we look to develop a high-quality Power BI solution that looks to solves a specific scenario.

These are some of the most highly attended events by members and also workshops that create the most positive feedback out of any that Enterprise DNA puts on for Power BI users.

Membership image 8

When you include the Enterprise DNA Support Forum to all the other training materials and resources, you have a world-class training and guidance program that can assist you throughout your learning journey and beyond with Power BI.

Membership image 9

This is just a summary of what’s included right now with Membership.

Membership is constantly evolving and those who currently are members gain access to any future development that is put into membership at no additional cost.

Some of these initiatives that are coming on stream soon include the Enterprise Power Users YouTube channel, brand new structured course on financial reporting, new eBooks on specific Power BI topics are currently in development, new showcase reports & template solutions will be released every quarter and there’s much more to come that I can’t quite announce just yet.

Hopefully, you can see the amazing value that is put into membership after this short breakdown of what is currently included.

Our aim is not just to enable you to learn Power BI, but instead, master this tool and create reports and models that are really going to add value to your teams and organizations by way of the insights that you are able to showcase effectively.

If you want to learn more about what other current members think of our membership program, check out many testimonials here – Enterprise DNA Testimonial Wall

To check out the current sale on membership for this week, check out the details below.

Enterprise DNA Membership Mid-Year Sale

Any questions on membership don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected]

Sam – Founder, Enterprise DNA


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