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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


New Enterprise DNA Course: Power BI Deployment – Strategy, Planning & Governance

by | 4:24 pm EDT | August 02, 2021 | Power BI

Power BI deployment is the most critical phase after making that final decision to use it in your organization.

Of course, the fact that Power BI is highly dynamic and intuitive helps with the transition. With the roadmap that will be discussed in this new course from Enterprise DNA, you can make sure that having your team jump into Power BI will be a seamless process.

What Is The Power BI Deployment Strategy, Planning & Governance Course All About?

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Power BI Deployment Strategy, Planning & Governance course:

  • What tools and resources you’ll need for Power BI deployment
  • What strategies to use in inspiring your team and initiating a data culture
  • How to put together a checklist and a plan to help your approach
  • How to oversee and facilitate the deployment process

With these learning points, you can pave the way towards a smoother transition process and have your entire organization appreciate Power BI even more.

No matter what industry you’re in, Power BI will be one of the best analytical tools you’ll ever use. That’s why this course is perfect for your team regardless of what type of activities you work on.

Even those who do not have existing teams yet can benefit from this. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or are just starting out in your field, having a solid background on how to get a team onboard Power BI can be beneficial the moment you start branching out and expanding your business.

The course comes with 6-hours worth of tutorial videos and helpful resource materials that allows you to apply what you learned right away.

The Enterprise DNA Learning Center

The Enterprise DNA Learning Center is a treasure trove of resources that allows you to step up your game in terms of report development, data analysis, and insight delivery. You can choose courses depending on the specific areas of Power BI you want to focus on.

If you already have existing Power BI knowledge and would like to find more advanced courses, then you could do so within the Learning Center. But if you’re just starting out and would like a solid foundation on the tool, then you could start with the basics and decide what path to take from there.

Although you can enroll for the individual paid courses, you’ll still get the best value if you sign up for an Enterprise DNA Membership. Not only does this give you full access to all the courses, it also allows you to enjoy exclusive events and resources.

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