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New Enterprise DNA Course: Mastering Report Development

by | 3:00 am EST | February 27, 2021 | Announcement, Power BI

As promised, we’re delivering a brand new course developed by our experts on the Enterprise DNA Education Platform every month. Last month, we released Optimizing DAX course by Nick MonĂ©. This month, we’re releasing a new course called “Mastering Report Development – Start to Finish” and it’s created by Jarrett Moore.

For those of you who have been following the Power BI Challenges, you probably came across Jarett’s submission for Power BI Challenge #10, which was about supplier insights.

report development

This course is based on that. Basically, Jarrett laid out a step-by-step on how he creates his entire reports from the moment he receives the initial brief all the way until completion.

What Is This Course About?

Here’s what you’ll learn from our new course Mastering Report Development Start to Finish:

  • A step-by-step process on how to create high-quality challenge entries that’s applicable to any reporting task
  • How to improve the aesthetics and performance of your reports by creating backgrounds entry using PowerPoint
  • How to set up an efficient Power BI data model that will support advanced analysis
  • How to organize your measures into subfolders
  • How to develop an intuitive user navigation experience using icons, buttons and bookmarks
  • How to effectively incorporate recently added features into your report – Zoom Sliders, Anomaly Detection & Smart Narratives
  • Becoming proficient in creating advanced DAX measures using variables

These are all great learnings that can help you ease through the process of creating insightful reports and dashboards on Power BI.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

As with any of our other courses, everybody can learn something from these courses no matter how advanced your knowledge is. Especially since this is Jarrett’s personal process, it could be interesting for others to find similarities and differences in our report development workflow.

But if we were to pinpoint a specific group that would benefit from this course the most, it would be for those who already know the basic facets of creating data models but are unsure how to put it all together. Because this course describes an entire workflow, it could be a good foundation for you to learn how to take one step after another, and from there, create your own workflow based on what you’re comfortable with.

This course can really help users develop a smoother flow that results in a well-structured data model with amazing insights and top-notch visualizations. Knowing how efficient Jarrett is in creating his own reports, we can all learn a thing or two from his process.

How Data Challenges Can Help You

We mentioned earlier that this new course was inspired by Jarrett’s submissions to the Power BI Challenge, and we think that’s an interesting thought to highlight here. We’ve actually asked a lot of our members why they don’t participate in the Power BI Challenges. Most of them answered one of these two — “I’m not sure where to start” and “I have no chance of winning against the other brilliant submissions”.

Well, here’s something for you to ponder about.

Power BI Challenges

If you’re not sure where to start, jump on this course and learn as much as you can from Jarrett’s report development flow. This will be a great framework for solid reports and dashboards, giving you a good starting point should you decide to participate in a challenge.

If you feel that your work is no good, that’s okay. But know that we’ve seen people who just went ahead and did it, even if they knew that their submissions won’t be as good as the others. They kept joining and joining, until one day, we realized that their work was already part of the submissions we were considering as potential winners.

Note also that Jarrett mostly creates his reports without extra graphics tools or advanced software or equipment. He just knows Power BI inside and out, enough to give him the power to turn these simple tools into stepping stones for great reports. The courses in the Enterprise DNA Education Platform can help with that.

The Enterprise DNA Education Platform

The Enterprise DNA Education Platform has been a great resource for Power BI users everywhere. We’ve seen members leveling up their game as they immerse themselves in our courses. There’s a mix of free and paid content, so you can start off with the basics and move through the different courses one by one, getting better and better at Power BI in the process.

report development

Check out the Enterprise DNA Education Platform today and start developing your Power BI skills. You can get started with this new course from Jarrett, or you could start from the beginning and follow the Enterprise DNA learning map.

Enterprise DNA Team

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