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New Enterprise DNA Course: Advanced Visualization Techniques

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A two-part course, Advanced Visualization Techniques can help Power BI users maximize the impact of their reports by more effectively communicating complex analyses through the use of a wide range of visuals, creating an intuitive user experience, and developing an attention-grabbing visual style. This course was created by Mudassir Ali, one of our Enterprise DNA Experts.

Our Enterprise DNA members know that one of the biggest advantages that our Education Portal delivers is the amount of learning and development they can get regardless if they’re newbies or experts. This series is just one of the ways that we’re staying true to our promise of providing valuable knowledge with our new courses each month.

About Mudassir Ali

Mudassir has a strong background in Management Accounting. He has also given us some of the most creative Power BI designs we’ve ever seen especially in our Power BI Challenges. In fact, he has won three challenges in total.

Here are some of his most memorable works.

advanced visualization techniques

Through this course, Mudassir gives us over 7-hours worth of material, with practical tips and techniques that he uses to create amazing reports.

What Is The Advanced Visualization Techniques Course About?

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Advanced Visualization Techniques course:

  • How to develop attention-grabbing reports
  • Where to look for inspiration as you build your own creative style
  • How to utilize the native visuals from Power BI
  • How to communicate complex analyses through visualization
  • How to use custom visuals to compensate for any limitations in Power BI’s visualization tools
  • How to use bookmarks, buttons and other navigational elements

With these learning points, you can fully optimize your reports and deliver data and insights in a clearer and more effective manner.

Who Will Benefit From The Advanced Visualization Techniques Course?

Contrary to popular belief, creating beautiful reports on Power BI is not just limited to people who have natural creative talent. In fact, this is one of the things that Mudassir highlights in these courses — that anyone can learn the specific skills needed to create great visualizations.

With that said, this course can benefit anyone! The course can help beginners understand the basic points to consider when coming up with visuals for their report. This can also help them create their own unique formula in putting different visualization materials together and incorporate that into their workflow.

Mudassir might also have a few tricks up his sleeve that intermediate and advanced users have not discovered just yet. We’ve always believed that there is always room for further growth no matter how skilled you are. Even our experts learn something new from each other and from other members of our community.

Why Visualizations Matter In Report Development

Humans are highly visual creatures. This is why learning some advanced visualization techniques is critical to the success of a report.

Visuals can clearly communicate the way data is analyzed, allowing audiences to fully understand what’s being presented. The way a report looks also has an impact on the entire user experience. The more visually appealing a report is, the more that audiences will engage with it. These are the main reasons why visualization is one of the pillars that make up an effective Power BI report.

In the first part of this course, Mudassir starts with the process of how he gets inspiration for his designs. He has specific steps that he follows as he pieces his visualizations together, allowing him to maximize the time he spends on this part of the report. He shares his best practices on how he makes this process more efficient.

It’s great that Mudassir doesn’t just talk about Power BI’s native tools. Although the native resources are great, there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement. This gives even greater value to the tips that Mudassir shares about custom visuals.

The second part of the course continues the discussion on custom visuals, this time, by using Charticulator by Microsoft. This is a great tool to use if you feel that Power BI’s native capabilities aren’t enough for the visualization you want to achieve.

Charticulator is a fairly new tool, so this is actually the perfect opportunity for Power BI users to discover what it has to offer.

The Enterprise DNA Education Platform

The Enterprise DNA Education Platform helps Power BI users everywhere level up their game in terms of report development, data analysis, and insight delivery. With a mix of free and paid content, it allows you to carve a unique learning path depending on which parts of Power BI you want to maximize.

report development

Check out the Enterprise DNA Education Platform today and start developing your Power BI skills. You can start with this course from Mudassir or you can jump to our more basic courses and move forward from there.

You can also grab this opportunity to get your Enterprise DNA Membership and maximize the huge amount of resources available for you. Not only will a membership give you access to all courses in the portal, it also allows you to unlock a number of member-exclusive events.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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