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New Customer Analysis with Power BI – Next Member Only Event

by | 9:59 am EDT | April 13, 2018 | DAX, Power BI, Scenario Method Events

The next member only virtual workshop will be an advanced session, drilling down into the make-up of your customers.

Enterprise DNA Membership holders can register for the event below.

New Customer Analysis with Power BI

This type of analysis can be classified as churn analytics. Due to this being a large topic the focus of this singular session will be more about new customers and the techniques you need to use in Power BI to effectively evaluate and showcase these types of insights.

This will be another ‘scenario method’ session which have a focus of problem solving as well as implementation techniques for Power BI.

When looking into your customers who purchase from you as an organisation it can be powerful to understand who are your repeat customers versus who are new.

It’s common thinking that your new customers are more expensive to acquire so if you ultimately find that you have a high, new customer to total customers ratio then there are certainly some strategic decisions that could be put into action off the back of this type of analysis.

To be able to complete this type of analysis in Power BI takes some reasonable understanding of DAX formulas. So, the bulk of this virtual workshop will be about running through how to combine multiple formulas to find these insights.

There’s also some thinking and planning around the logic to be used within this analysis. For example, what do you actually consider a brand new customer versus a customer that was consider lost but then came back again? Some interesting analytical concepts to think about and we will look to review these during the session.

This is a member only workshop, so if you aren’t currently a member it does require the upgrade to attend.

You can find more details about the comprehensive membership offering here – Enterprise DNA Membership

If you are a member and would like to attend this workshop session live you can register for the event below.

New Customer Analysis with Power BI

new customers laptops

Looking forward to it.

Founder, Enterprise DNA

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