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Live Dashboarding Makeover Session In Power BI – Review And How To Download Resources

by | 12:35 pm EDT | October 11, 2017 | DAX, Webinars

Super session today for all those who attended live. Had a great turn out of over 100 to the event live so glad to see and interact with you all there.

I thought I would do a quick review of what was covered for all those who couldn’t attend and for those that may want to also download the resources I made available.

To be sent the webinar replay and where to download the resources just register at the below link and I have it automatically setup to send both those out to you.

Webinar Replay & Resources – Dashboarding Makeover Session in Power BI

As a brief summary of what I covered during the workshop, it was all about dashboarding and my best practices around how I put them together in Power BI.

I believe from what I see out there that the visualisation aspect of Power BI models is the forgotten element to a successful reporting development, that’s why I focus a lot of my efforts in making reports look good. I almost believe if your report doesn’t look great then it doesn’t matter what your model and calculations are, most people aren’t going to enjoy viewing it which ain’t a good outcome. We can do better, and do it easily which is great.

Therefore I have a few best practices and techniques I always try to implement that I think work well. I talked through them all during the session; like placing your visuals into grids, making sure you have quality colour themes, intuitive and clear titles and many more.

I also go into how I place icons into my reports, well where I get them from online, and also how I make things pop a bit more with darker backgrounds. There’s a few considerations in doing that so I run you through those.

I also run through how I implement these techniques over and over again in every report I complete, not exactly the same but variations of the same best practices. All of these showcase reports can be found at the Enterprise DNA showcase

Ok that’s all for this overview to view the entire webinar replay and download the resources by registering here.

Good luck implementing all these techniques and thanks for being connected to Enterprise DNA.

Chrs, Sam

PS. If you really liked the content and want to see how I complete Power BI reports end to end (8 full examples), check out my Dashboarding & Data Visualisation Intensive course at Enterprise DNA Online

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