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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


Latest 30 For 30 Starting This Week On Enterprise DNA TV

by | 4:18 pm EDT | August 24, 2020 | Power BI

Over the last couple of years, the Enterprise DNA TV channel has grown from strength to strength.

We’ve gone from a low base of 0 subs up to now over 37,000 subscribers and over 448 unique videos that can be viewed and watched by all Power BI users around the world.

Currently, we average around 220,000 views per month on the channel, with over 4.8 million views in total over the last couple of years.

To celebrate this growth we’ve decided to launch into another 30 for 30. This is where we’ll be releasing 30 video tutorials over 30 days on the Enterprise DNA TV channel.

YT channel

We still feel there’s no better way to highlight new ideas and Power BI development tips than through video and that’s why this continues to be the focus for Enterprise DNA, both in Enterprise DNA TV but also with our comprehensive training content at Enterprise DNA Online.

The ideas that we’ll be covering over the next month will be across a wide range of development concepts. From data visualization techniques, time intelligence functions, DAX formula deep dives and other powerful techniques in Power BI.

Certainly, check out the Enterprise DNA TV channel on YouTube via the link below to view all these tutorials as they are released.

Enterprise DNA TV

edna tv

Remember to subscribe to get hold of all the latest releases as soon as they become available.

Look forward to getting this great content out to you over the next month.


Enterprise DNA Team

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