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Enterprise DNA February Updates — Events, New Courses and More

by | 6:06 am EST | March 08, 2022 | Power BI

We’re making the most out of the amazing momentum we started in January by making February just as eventful. Let’s take a look at our Enterprise DNA updates for February.

Enterprise Analytics Summit 2022

It was a successful Enterprise Analytics Summit as we collaborated with 20 speakers who gave powerful sessions and discussions over a 5-day period. With the mix of our own Enterprise DNA experts and other highly-respected names in the field, we can truly say that every attendee gained a considerable edge in their chosen career paths as data professionals.

The five days were spent on topics like What-If Parameters by Ilgar Zarbaliyev (Founder of ExcelWorld), Calculation Groups Beyond Time Intelligence by Bernat Agulló Rosello (Senior BI Developer and Partner at Esbrina), Create Anything in Power BI w/ HTML & CSS by Pascal Kiefer (CEO and BI Consultant at K Team Solutions) and Faster DAX with MSHGQM by Greg Deckler (Vice President of Fusion Alliance), among others.

Two Brand New Courses: Python II and Sharepoint Integration

In February, we continued following through on our commitment to deliver new courses every month through two new classes — Python II for Power BI Users and Sharepoint Integration with Power Platform.

The course Python II for Power BI Users was developed by Gaelim Holland. It includes over 4 hours on training videos and a resource pack that helps participants maximize the power of Python to optimize their Power BI report development process.

Meanwhile, the course Sharepoint Integration with Power Platform was created by Henry Habib for those who want to automate and optimize their business processes and workflows by using Sharepoint with Power Automate and Power Apps.

Both courses are exclusively available to Enterprise DNA members. If you’re not yet a member, take this as a sign for you to upgrade to a full membership so that you can have access to powerful courses, events, resources and other content that can help you become the data professional you’ve always wanted to be.

Partnership with Other Power BI Content Creators

Speaking of powerful content, we’ve continued to partner up with more content creators as part of our efforts to deliver the most relevant content.

Over the years, we’ve seen valuable content from our very own founder, Sam McKay. We’ve also highly benefited from the work of our Chief Content Manager, Brian Julius.

To add variety to the mix, we’ve also started featuring content coming from experts like:

  • Henry Habib, who specializes in SharePoint, Power Apps and Power Automate
  • George Mount, who manages the data analytics blog Stringfest Analytics and wrote the O’Reilly book Advancing into Analytics: From Excel to Python and R
  • Haroon Ali, a Power BI consultant who founded Stellify BI and runs our Power BI Challenges
  • Gaelim Holland, an innovative data analyst and digital channel optimization specialist
  • Reid Havens, BI Evangelist and Instructor
  • Pascal Kiefer, CEO & BI Consultant at K Team Solutions
  • Greg Deckler, VP at Fusion Alliance

With an entire team of specialists creating content for Enterprise DNA, we’re positive that every member of the community will be given the opportunity to level up their game not just as Power BI users, but as data professionals.

Enterprise DNA Partnership Programs

Enterprise DNA continues to run two partnership programs — the affiliate program and the reseller program.

The Enterprise DNA Affiliate Program allows affiliates to earn a competitive commission on every Enterprise DNA membership purchased through their unique affiliate link. The Enterprise DNA team provides all the marketing collaterals and provides assistance throughout the sales process.

On the other hand, the Center of Excellence B2B Re-Seller Partnership Program allows groups and individuals to earn competitive partnership fees each time they introduce and get their corporate clients and contacts to sign up for the Enterprise DNA Center of Excellence. The Enterprise DNA Team takes care of set-up services, ongoing administrative support and relationship management while the reselling partner focuses on selling the platform to clients.

Here’s Ashley Siddall, our Head of Strategic Partnerships, discussing our partnership programs.

Interested in referring your contacts to Enterprise DNA’s training while earning a competitive commission? Please click here for more information.

Are you a corporate interested in joining our Center of Excellence B2B Re-Seller Partnership Program? Please click here for more information.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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