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Enterprise DNA’s 2020 At A Glance

by | 7:20 pm EDT | August 05, 2020 | Power BI

Hi everyone!

What a year! 2020 hasn’t exactly been easy to handle. Four months into the pandemic and businesses have been closing down. Even big retail stores are declaring bankruptcy.

But Enterprise DNA is still here, standing strong. We may have had some down moments, but we bounced right back. That’s because we believe that this entire community has an amazing Adversity Quotient (AQ).

IQ and EQ may be important, but AQ proves to be even more crucial at a time like this. Adversity Quotient gauges one’s ability to handle adversity. Where IQ and EQ helps you get through life, AQ helps you soar and thrive.

What has been happening to Enterprise DNA in the past 7 months?

Team Growth

An increase in the number of teams and team members is a clear sign of significant growth, especially in a season where other businesses are either closing down or downsizing.

In our case, we now have a Sales and Events Team, a relevant jump from previously having only a small team of administrative and technical support staff.

Enterprise DNA Forum

We now have Power BI Challenges for both members and non-members, fostering a community of collaboration and fun. We’ve also started posting Live Workshops, making the Support Forum an even more valuable source of knowledge for every member.

The Forum used to be just a community of users, both experienced and new, helping each other out from one dashboard to another. Now, it caters to a vast number of industries through our Ecosystems.

Enterprise DNA Ecosystems

The Enterprise DNA Ecosystems is yet another sign of our growth. We used to be just a single group of people hoping to learn more about how Power BI can give us the solutions we need.

Looking at our Ecosystems, we now cover topics concerning various industries from aerospace to telecommunications, as well as different business functions from customer service to sourcing. We see more and more people joining these sub-groups to find out how they can apply the things they learn in the Forum to their actual work scenarios.

Enterprise DNA Blog

The Enterprise DNA Blog started out as an avenue for Sam’s tutorials and announcements.

Now, the entire Enterprise DNA Team is working together to post relevant announcement blogs. We even added 3 contributors to bring some variety into our tutorials. It has become an amazing resource for anyone hoping to find clear and direct answers to their questions regarding Power BI.

Enterprise DNA TV

There’s no better way to learn the ins and outs of Power BI than by consuming information in video format. This is why we’ve improved and expanded our Enterprise DNA TV resources, adding videos from 3 Power BI experts who can give new insights and different perspectives.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base serves as a vast library of Power BI tips & techniques, DAX formulas and concepts, and everything else you need to know to develop your own skills and knowledge in your chosen field.

Over the past few months, our Knowledge Base has evolved and grown in terms of content. It now has DAX quizzes, report design inspiration, custom visuals, demo data, and other resources that can help expand anyone’s knowledge about Power BI and the tools within it.

Analyst Hub

Power BI just makes it so easy to create seamless reports and dashboards. But you have to admit, presentation also counts especially if you plan on collaborating with other people.

That’s why we’ve come up with the Analyst Hub, which houses two powerful tools that allow you to level up your reports — the DAX Clean Up and the Colour Theme Generator.

From the name itself, DAX Clean Up allows you to clean up and format your code properly. Not only will this help you minimize errors, it will also make it easier for others to just jump in and understand what’s going on in the back end of your reports.

The Colour Theme Generator, on the other hand, takes care of how your dashboards look on the outside. You can’t discount the fact that better-looking presentations make your reports more palatable to the taste of your target audience. That’s what this tool can do with its beautiful colour schemes and palette generator.

Data Nucleus

Our Data Nucleus is a response to the ever-changing digital environment that we now live in.

Basically, the Data Nucleus is a central hub for all applications that can be connected to Power BI. It’s perfect for those who are getting their data from various web applications. Through the Data Nucleus, you can get valuable insights using Power Bi without having to change the platforms you’re currently using.

Corporate Membership

Finally, what we consider to be our biggest feat is corporate membership. We all know what a powerful tool Power BI is. Just imagine what kind of impact it could have if corporate teams had in-depth knowledge about it.

This is why we’re gearing towards creating customized trainings for corporations to better address their unique needs. We’ve extended our reach to big companies like Coca-Cola and Ace Hardware, as well as government agencies. With the direction we’re going, it looks like our Center of Excellence will soon be Enterprise DNA’s flagship service.

Seeing all these developments, we can’t help but be proud and thankful that we’re part of Enterprise DNA. Our culture has made it possible for us to thrive in a season where everyone else is struggling to stay afloat.

Great half of the year for us! Now that we’ve started the 2nd half of the year, we’re looking forward to soaring even higher with all of you guys.

The Enterprise DNA Team

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