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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


Enterprise DNA Webinar Series – Dashboard Makeover Session in Power BI

by | 1:53 pm EDT | October 03, 2017 | DAX, Power BI, Webinars

I’m really looking forward to this session, as it’s going to be a great opportunity to showcase some of my new dashboarding and visualisation techniques, that have become my own best practices. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog.

Many actually appear inside my latest course release – Dashboard and Data Visualisation Intensive, where I dive into comprehensive dashboard and reporting development, but in this webinar I’m going to stick more to the makeover of a current dashboard, rather than building up something from scratch.

I use to shy away from some of these techniques, especially the darker backgrounds, but now I embrace them as well as many others as I really think they make your reports stand out immensely.

It’s all about meeting as the cross section of high quality insights and making your results and analysis really stand out with some compelling visualisations.

That’s exactly what this dashboard makeover session is all about. I’m going to take an existing dashoboard, that actually can be downloaded in the resources section of the Enterprise DNA website, and I’ve implemented some new visualisation techniques to make it look better and to get consumers more engaged in the content. It’s actually exactly the same data and calculations just looks much better (in my opinion of course)

During the session I will touch on many of the DAX techniques that went into the report also, as DAX is what really brings your insights to life, well it’s actually a strong combination of both DAX and visualisations as I’ve mentioned.

Register at the below link to get further details and reminders for the event. I look forward to chatting to you then during the live session.

Register here for event – Dashboard Makeover Session in Power BI

For more details about the webinar, check out this short intro


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha6jnZ8owbc&w=784&h=441]

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