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Enterprise DNA Updates For September – Milestones, Events, And More

by | 3:17 pm EDT | October 01, 2021 | Power BI

The list of Enterprise DNA updates for September is amazing, showing us that we’ve really made quite an impact to the community of Power BI users from all over. Month over month, we strive to create initiatives that would keep us all learning from each other and improving in our craft, and September was a clear testament to how far we’ve gone.

Here are some of the things that happened in September.

6000th Membership Milestone

Wow! 6,000 members! We’ve definitely gone a long way from the small project Sam started in 2015. It really does make a difference when you’re passionate about what you’re doing, as evidenced by the growth that we’ve seen in the past years.

Enterprise DNA updates

When Sam started Enterprise DNA, he wanted to change the game for data professionals. He wanted to create opportunities and push the limits especially in terms of professional growth and knowledge advancement. So to celebrate this amazing milestone, there’s an ongoing sale to give more people the opportunity to join our community and, hopefully, be key contributors to our next few milestones.

The first 50 people who signed up for a membership since we reached this milestone got 60% off from the original subscription price. There are still a few slots left for the next 125 people who want to get 50% off from their total. Once those slots are gone, we are giving the next 250 new members a 40% discount from their total subscription.

Enterprise DNA updates

That’s definitely a whole lot of savings knowing that the membership gives you access to over 45 Power BI courses (with new courses being added each month), resource downloads, certifications, and so much more. Plus, you get to interact and learn best practices from Power BI experts. It’s a worthy investment especially if you want to step up your game as a data professional.

September Events And Live Sessions

We kicked off September with an exclusive Q&A session for the 4th leg of the Power BI Accelerator, which was facilitated by our CEO and Founder, Sam McKay, and Brian Julius, our Chief Content Manager. Held on September 2, they talked about the use of variable and iterating functions within DAX expressions.

We also hosted a live training workshop about Global Power Plants Insights on September 3rd. The discussion covered how to generate up-to-date insights on client queries and how to understand your customers better. Sam also shared simple but effective dashboarding techniques in the session.

Enterprise DNA updates

The 2-day training session for our September Business Analytics Week was concluded on September 24, with data analysts, Excel users, database professionals, data enthusiasts and more participating. The training sessions covered everything from using Power BI for business analytics, to a deep dive into business insights.

Seeing the amount of learning from our September events and live sessions, you know how much value there is in participating in these opportunities. But we always love adding even more value into everything we do. So we also gave away a few complimentary memberships to some lucky participants in our live trainings! So if you’re not a member yet, consider joining future events, too. Who knows? You might end up being one of the lucky ones next time.

Tabular Editor 3 – Beginner to Advanced Course

The DAX editor may have been working for you in the past, but you’d have to admit that there are so many opportunities for improvement. It’s a good thing that the Tabular Editor 3 is filling all those gaps, giving you a deeper look into what your DAX measures are actually doing. The fact that it also speeds up the entire development process makes it more than worth your time.

That’s why we launched a new course called Tabular Editor 3: Beginner to Advanced, which walks you through the amazing capabilities of this tool.

You can access this course through Udemy and through the Enterprise DNA learning portal. Although you can enroll in the course for $147, you’ll still get the best value if you sign up for a membership, which unlocks not only this course, but all other courses, resources, and exclusive events from Enterprise DNA. This is the best time to sign up for a membership too, while we have an ongoing sale to celebrate our 6000-member milestone.

Power BI Challenge 16 – Timesheet Utilization Reporting

We started a new round of our Power BI Challenges, this time focusing on timesheet utilization reporting. As you probably know, we’ve always strived to make each challenge unique from the last, while making sure that it replicates scenarios that users could potentially experience in real life. This topic is perfect for that purpose.

enterprise dna updates

This challenge aims to find out how productive someone could be based on the data given. The data is simple enough and comes from real-life values (but with some of the values anonymized, for reasons of privacy). This makes it a fitting way to practice your Power BI skills especially if you’re looking for something that you could apply in real life.

If you haven’t joined any challenge yet, this is the perfect time to join given the nature of the problem involved. We’ve seen so many beginners start to improve the moment they decided to jump in and participate in their first challenge, submitting even more amazing work than the last time they joined.

Winners of the challenge get a complimentary membership that can be passed on to someone else in case you’re already a member. First-time participants also get to choose from a list of prizes provided by our sponsors.

Power BI Accelerator Week #5

One of the biggest reasons why people join Enterprise DNA is because of the abundance of resources and courses that they can get to master Power BI. But there’s no better teacher than hands-on experience, that’s why we started the Power BI Accelerator.

enterprise dna updates

Now on the 5th round, it presents different problems that participants can work on, but focusing on beginners. It follows the learning flow of our beginner course, making it easier for participants to have a solid foundation that could prepare them for more advanced learnings about Power BI. For this leg, we’re focusing on some time intelligence analysis.

For every leg of the Power BI Accelerator, we put up an exclusive board on the Enterprise DNA Forum. This makes it easy for participants to post questions and have our experts jump right in to answer them. Each round ends with a live Q&A teaching session where our experts break down the solutions to each problem. These sessions are also recorded so that members who were not able to join the live training can view the videos at a later time.

Three New Showcases – Formula 1 Analysis

We added three new reports on our Power BI Showcase. This time, these reports focused on the analysis of some Formula 1 data.

Power BI Showcase

The Power BI Showcase is a great resource for some hands-on practice. It’s a collection of downloadable pbix files where users can learn development techniques from the creators of these reports.

power bi showcase
power bi showcase

The showcase is a treasure trove of best practices in terms of report development. Not only are these reports insightful, they can also serve as inspiration considering the creativity poured into them.

An Enterprise DNA membership can unlock this showcase and will also give you access to exclusive courses, events, and other resources that can help you improve as a data professional or enthusiast. Upgrade to a full membership now if you haven’t yet!

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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