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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


Enterprise DNA Partners Up With Numerro

by | 6:26 pm EDT | April 12, 2022 | Announcement, Power BI

Enterprise DNA continues to follow through on our commitment of finding even more ways to help the members of our community become the best data professionals they can be. This is why we’re excited to announce our partnership up with Numerro.

Through this partnership, we can help our members find the right tools that could help improve their overall development process.

Who Is Numerro?

Numerro provides tools that can help Power BI users create beautiful reports and dashboards.

Design is a common concern for a lot of Power BI users, knowing that this is one aspect that can take a lot of time to conceptualize and put into reality. Not everyone is also proficient in the creative side of report-building, so you can just imagine what a powerful impact Numerro’s design tools can be.

By providing everything from themes and templates to visualizations and other resources, Numerro empowers data professionals to spend more time in dealing with the actual data by cutting the time they spend on design by a huge percentage.

What This Means For The Enterprise DNA Community

Seeing how efficient and user-friendly Numerro’s tools are, we believe that our ideals are aligned in the sense that we both understand the usual pain points of a Power BI user and strive to provide the right solutions for these concerns. This partnership can benefit our members by helping them become more efficient in their unique process flow.

We also believe that the visuals in any report greatly impacts its quality. A report’s overall design can affect the way audiences view the data that you worked hard to analyze and present. Giving our community easy access to tools that can help in terms of visuals can help deliver the right message in every report created.

Stay tuned for more specifics on the initiatives we’ll be launching in partnership with Numerro.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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