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Enterprise DNA October Updates – Milestones, Courses and More

by | 3:05 pm EDT | November 02, 2021 | Power BI

It’s the final quarter of the year and we’re all set to end 2021 with a bang. We’re proud to say that we’ve followed through on our commitment to continue providing valuable content and resources that will help everyone improve the way they handle data. It’s safe to say that October was an amazing month for the entire Enterprise DNA community.

Enterprise DNA Now On Its 6th Year

They say that time seems to fly faster when you’re having fun. That much can be said when we celebrated Enterprise DNA’s 6th anniversary last month. It’s amazing how far we’ve come! It truly was a proud moment for all of us, knowing how we put in so much effort in making the journey as fun and as fruitful as possible for everyone.

It all started with Sam’s idea of providing simple tutorials about an amazing tool he discovered in 2015. Our founder’s passion in helping others master Power BI and apply it in their own work was truly inspiring. There is no doubt that great ideas meant to help others will always bear fruit in one way or another, seeing the thriving community of thousands that we now cater to.

Thank you to everyone who has become a part of Enterprise DNA’s journey, and we look forward to the next 6 years and more with you all!

Python I For Power BI Users – New Course Released

We’ve all seen how amazing Power BI is when it comes to data. But you’d have to admit that there still are a few limitations that affect our ability to fully deliver the insights we want. With the help of Python, you can level up the way you transform data and perform analytical tasks that require too much effort when using Power BI alone.

The only thing that usually stops data professionals from diving into Python is the impression that it’s a complicated language to learn. Through the course Python I For Power BI Users, Enterprise DNA expert Gaelim Holland shows us that Python can be easy to learn and even easier to apply when taught the right way.

The course is available through the Enterprise DNA Education Platform as a solo course. However, you can get the best value by upgrading to an Enterprise DNA Membership so that you can unlock access to the follow up course, Python II For Power BI Users to be released soon, as well as other course, events and resources exclusive to members.

Power BI Accelerator 6

The Enterprise DNA Forum has always been a great place to talk to other data professionals and Power BI enthusiasts. It has become a venue where people share best practices, tips and tricks so that everyone can improve their Power BI skills.

One of the things that make the Forum a great place to hang out is the amazing challenges we create for everyone. The Power BI Accelerator, for example, is specifically built for beginners so that they can get some hands-on practice and learn how to deal with certain scenarios that they’ll most probably encounter in the near future.

enterprise dna

Now on its 6th leg, this Accelerator challenge focuses on different tools Microsoft has added to Power BI over the past few years. It comprises of 5 mini-challenges, each one covering these different techniques:

  • Buttons
  • Bookmarks
  • Tooltips (standard, modern visual and report)
  • Drill Through (direct and conditional)
  • Page Navigation (direct and conditional)

Every round of the Power BI Accelerator has its own board on the Forum. This makes it easier for participants to ask questions so that others can answer and help them out. Each round is then concluded with a live session where our experts break down the best solutions.

This round was concluded last October 27. If you’re interested to join the next rounds, you can find more information in the Enterprise DNA Forum.

Power BI Challenge 16 Wrap Up – Timesheet Utilization Reporting

We’ve wrapped up the 16th round of our Power BI Challenges that focused on timesheet utilization. Another initiative that gives participants the chance to get hands-on experience in dealing with real-life scenarios, these challenges differ from the Accelerator in the sense that this is open to everyone — from rookies to seasoned users.

Robert Maembe emerged as the winner through a report that covers all the basics and so much more. He delivered amazing insights and managed to showcase all that data in a clean and creative manner.

The first-time participant prize went to Sabine, whose visually striking report also delivered amazing analysis.

Enterprise DNA

Other notable submissions include the works of Federico Pastor, Brian Julius, and Jarrett Moore.

New Showcases – Earnings Report and Timesheet Analysis

We’ve added four new reports to our Power BI Showcase this month. This time, these reports focused on earnings and timesheet analysis.

Power BI Showcase

The Power BI Showcase features downloadable reports that members can use for analysis and hands-on practice. It’s a great way to learn techniques from the creators of these reports that users can also apply in their own development process.

Enterprise DNA
Power BI Showcase
Enterprise DNA

This is one of the perks of having an EDNA membership. A membership gives you full access to these reports and lets you break them down piece by piece.

Analyst Hub Updates

We first released the Analyst Hub to give Power BI users every possible tool they need to create amazing reports and dashboards. And because we stand by our commitment to continue improving on it, we’ve released three additional apps that can give you an even better experience.

The Python Code app allows you to fix and optimize your python codes conveniently.

A similar app was also added for those who use R codes in their report development process.

Enterprise DNA

The codes created in these apps can also be saved for future use, making it easier especially if you plan on using the same codes for your future projects.

A Notepad app was also added to the Analyst Hub. This allows users to save their notes and share it with their peers.

As we find new areas in the report development process that we could make easier for members, we will also continue adding more applications to the Analyst Hub.

Center Of Excellence Updates

The Enterprise DNA Center of Excellence allows teams and organizations to change the way they look at their data within the workplace.

Enterprise DNA

Released last year, we continued to find ways to improve user experience. That’s why we’ve given the CoE portal a new look that makes navigation a lot easier and gives easier access to all the right tools.

The Center of Excellence provides four main areas to help groups of people work on data together more efficiently:

  • CoE On-demand + Analyst Hub
  • Live virtual training sessions
  • Group advisory calls
  • Technology partnership packs

We understand that every team has unique needs, so those who take advantage of our CoE platform have the ability to tailor-fit their experience. With each unique organization telling us their own unique goals and priorities, we are also able to deliver a platform that matches your every need.

With the Center of Excellence, you also have access to skillset assessments and learning paths, account support, and progress reports.

Watch out for other updates and new resources from the Enterprise DNA team this November.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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