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Enterprise DNA November Updates – Events, Initiatives and Programs

by | 5:57 am EST | November 30, 2021 | Power BI

2021 is almost done and we’ve had such an epic 12 months to celebrate as we enter the final month of the year. From new initiatives and more relevant content to exciting milestones reached, it’s safe to say that we’ve added so much value both to members and non-members alike. Let’s take a look at some Enterprise DNA updates for November.

Center of Excellence Reseller Partnership Program

You know how committed we are into putting our A game into every tool and resource we work on, and Enterprise DNA’s Center of Excellence is proof of that. Now, we’re bringing you the opportunity to share this amazing platform to others who will benefit most from it while also giving you the chance to earn in the process through the Center of Excellence Reseller Partnership Program launched in November.

enterprise dna updates

Earn partnership fees by reselling our CoE platform while also receiving sales and marketing support from our team. Just let us know that you’re interested to become a partner and we’ll reach out to you to get your information and to send you all the materials you’ll need to sell successfully.

Enterprise Analytics Summit 2021

As with any of our other monthly Enterprise DNA updates, we always have amazing events that make a huge impact to our members especially in terms of the skills and tips they learn. For November, we had the Enterprise Analytics Summit.

The Enterprise Analytics Summit 2021 was a live event held last November 24 to 26. Over 1,000 participants consisting of analysts, Excel users, database professionals and data enthusiasts enjoyed 6 in-depth training sessions conducted by our data experts over three days.

  • Day 1 (November 24) Session 1: Increasing Your Development Speed & Productivity In Power BI by Sam McKay, Enterprise DNA Founder and CEO
  • Day 1 (November 24) Session 2: Create An Expense Reporting & Approval App in Power Apps For Your Organization by Henry Habib, Enterprise DNA Expert
  • Day 2 (November 25) Session 3: Handling Mismatched Granularities in Power BI – A Toolkit for Business and Financial Analyses by Brian Julius, Enterprise DNA Chief Content Officer
  • Day 2 (November 25) Session 4: Python For Excel by George Mount, Enterprise DNA Expert
  • Day 3 (November 26) Session 5: Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis in Python by Gaelim Holland, Enterprise DNA Expert
  • Day 3 (November 26) Session 6: Advanced Data Storytelling Features In Power BI by Sam McKay, Enterprise DNA Founder and CEO
enterprise dna updates

With this lineup of experts and topics, there is no doubt the participants earned a world of new knowledge that they can now apply to their respective fields and industries. The fact that all participants got free downloadable resources adds even more value to the event, knowing that they’ll have materials to work with as they further apply their new knowledge.

New Initiative – Data Challenge Office Hours

The Power BI Challenge has gone a long way since the initiative was first introduced last year. We’ve seen participants, both members and non-members, grow in terms of skill and approach as they jumped from one challenge to the next.

But truthfully, there could be more people joining in. The problem is, some still lack the confidence to dive into it, while others still have specific issues with their report development process. This is why we came up with this new initiative called Data Challenge Office Hours.

We had the first session last November 22 and the 2nd session in November 23. This is a series of informal and collaborative workshops with our Enterprise DNA Experts who can help would-be participants in developing high-quality entries. Our experts will answer questions and deal with issues that would eventually help participants have the confidence they need to finally join our challenges.

New Enterprise DNA Experts

We added a few names to our already impressive list of Enterprise DNA experts, which means that there’s so much more to look forward to in terms of content, classes, and knowledge. Now part of our team of experts are Gustaw Dudek, George Mount, Gaelim Holland and Henry Habib.

Our team of Enterprise DNA experts have been instrumental in the growth of a lot of our members, as well as a lot of non-members. Each expert also has a specific expertise; the main reason why we have such a diverse collection of content, classes and resources. The treasure trove of information that you get here at Enterprise DNA is mostly because of our experts and their passion for sharing as much as they can to those who work with data.

Pre-Black Friday Sale

We went beyond what usually happens at the hottest sale of the year by having our own pre-Black Friday sale, which is not just limited to Black Friday, but actually extends way beyond it while slots are available!

The first 50 people to grab a membership within the sale period received 50% off from the original membership price. We still have a few slots left for the next 100 people who will sign up to get 40% off. Then, the final 200 will be getting 30% off.

So if you’re not yet an Enterprise DNA member, grab this opportunity to get amazing value at our discounted prices.

What To Expect In December

If you find our Enterprise DNA updates for November exciting, you’ll be even more excited about the things that are happening in December.

As part of our commitment to continue bringing you the best experience possible, we’re migrating to a new and better platform. This is going to be an exciting move and will no doubt make learning and collaboration more efficient.

We also have an exciting list of new courses and events coming this December:

  • December 2: Power BI Accelerator Week #7 Solution / Q&A Session
  • December 3: 10 Things You Need to Build for a Successful Data Career – Lessons of the Past 30 Years
  • December 10: Good, Better, Best – Taking Your Drill Through to The Top Level
  • December 17: Getting Started With Power Apps Development

We’re also releasing one course per week starting December 10, allowing members to learn something new on a more regular basis.

Lastly, watch out for the revamp of our Analyst Hub. Our suite of tools already has a huge impact on the way we develop creative and insightful reports, but we’re hoping to bring that to a whole new level with this revamp.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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