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Enterprise DNA – March Updates

by | 8:28 pm EDT | April 04, 2022 | Power BI

Things got really busy here at Enterprise DNA in March, with the entire team coming up with more content and initiatives that will help take the entire community to a whole new level. From new courses and events to amazing partnerships, we’re always finding new ways to add even more value to what we do, especially for our members.

Here’s an overview of some of our updates for March.

New Team Tier Pricing – Enterprise DNA Membership

We’re helping you level up the way your team works by making it easier to collaborate and increase your efficiency through the courses, tools and other resources that come with an Enterprise DNA Membership.

Perfect for teams with at least 2 up to 10 members, you can take advantage of the membership perks for as low as $35.50 per team member a month or $426 annually. This comes with skills assessments, a dedicated team account manager, team progress tracking, and so much more.

As for teams with more than 10 members, you can customize your own team’s membership experience through the Enterprise DNA Center of Excellence.

Enterprise DNA External Power Tools

Three external Power BI desktop tools are now available for download at the Enterprise DNA Learning Platform. These powerful tools are designed to further optimize your report development process.

These three tools are exclusive to Enterprise DNA members, adding to the already high value that comes with being part of this community.

  • Quick Measures Pro – makes the process of creating measures and calculated columns even smoother within the Power BI desktop
  • Power Sort Pro – the perfect partner to the Enterprise DNA extended data table and helps go through Sort By columns easily through basic pattern matching
  • Metadata Mechanic – automates the process of generating and setting metadata used in columns, tables and measures

Partnership with DevScope

We’ve partnered up with DevScope, one of the biggest Microsoft Partners in Portugal that has been providing business and analytical solutions for over 16 years. DevScope is one of the very few Microsoft partners that has 2 Advanced Specializations (Analytics and Low Code) and 9 Microsoft Gold competencies, making them a high-distinguished player worldwide.

Through this partnership, our members will be able to enjoy even more compelling tools in the near future. DevScope’s commitment to learning and innovation aligns with our own vision, and we look forward to creating powerful content and other initiatives together.

Power BI Challenge 19 – Call Centre Data Reporting

We launched another round of the Power BI Challenge, this time focusing on call centre data reporting. This is definitely going to give our participants an edge for future projects they might work on, knowing that a lot of businesses deal with this type of data. It’s the hands-on practice everyone’s going to need to master unique approaches to this type of task.

enterprise dna updates

It’s always exciting to see the reports and dashboards that participants come up with. We’re especially awed by the huge improvement we see from regular participants who start out as beginners but grow into Power BI professionals and experts after a few rounds. This is the type of learning that we’re promoting with this initiative.

Because of the huge success of these challenges, we’re always finding new ways to get more people involved. That’s why we also launched our LinkedIn group focused specifically on the Power BI Challenge. This will allow us to bring in more participants who are not Enterprise DNA members just yet.

All winners win complimentary memberships, with first-time participant winners being given a pick from an amazing list of possible prizes. Participants also get the opportunity to have their reports showcased in the Enterprise DNA Power BI Showcase.

March Events

March was another learning-filled month with so many opportunities to level up as data professionals. We kicked off the month with our Power Query Masterclass on March 4, facilitated by one of our Enterprise DNA Experts, Melissa De Korte.

Next, we had a great session with Timothy Weinzapfel on March 11 where he shared best practices in creating his report on a previous Power BI Challenge about Environmental Data Reporting. Having emerged as one of the most notable submissions in that round, it was truly a delight seeing him share his report development process to help other members improve their own processes as well.

On March 18, it was Henry Habib’s turn to share his expertise in a webinar about Power Portals. This introductory class is great for those who want to take their knowledge about other Power Platforms to the next level.

Then, wrapping up our March events was the webinar called DPLYR & Friends for Power BI Users facilitated by George Mount. Here, George discussed an amazing set of tools that can be used to effectively manipulate different datasets using the R language.

New Course – R for Power BI Users II Course

Finally, we released the 2nd installment of the two-part course about R for Power BI Users created by George Mount. This intermediate-level course is perfect for those who want to discover what they can do beyond what Power BI offers by default and explore how other languages can help optimize the report development process.

enterprise dna course

This course covered a lot of topics including working with ggplot2 for data visualization, working with huge datasets, working with text data, and a lot more.

Things to Look Forward in April

Now that we’re in the 2nd quarter of the year, expect even more events, initiatives and content that will add even more value to every member of our community.

To set April off to a good start, we’re launching an Affiliate Competition Program, which we believe will help our affiliates make the most out of their role in getting more people to enjoy the perks that come with an Enterprise DNA membership.

We also have quite a lineup of events:

  • April 8 – Career Opportunities & Demands for Power BI in 2022
  • April 13 – Supercharging Your Charts & Graphs in Power BI
  • April 15 – Power BI Challenge Winner # 18 Best Practices
  • April 22 – Correlation and Regression in Excel

We’ll also be wrapping up the 19th Power BI Challenge! We can’t wait to see the different submissions from our participants, especially those coming our newly-launched LinkedIn group.

Stay tuned to our Power BI Showcases as well, as we’ll be adding a few reports to our database.

Knowing that there’s so much in store especially for our members, it’s definitely a great time to sign up for an Enterprise DNA membership if you haven’t already.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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