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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


Enterprise DNA Learning Summit – Session 1 Preview

by | 8:17 am EST | November 13, 2017 | DAX, Learning Summits, Webinars

With the first session of the Enterprise DNA Learning Summit starting tomorrow, here’s a quick run down of what you can expect from this training.

If you haven’t registered you still can here – Enterprise DNA Learning Summit

We firstly need to set the scene around the data we’ll be working through during the summit. I’ll review that and then show you how I think about building my data model off that back of that.

It’s important to really get the setup right here around your data model. It’s maybe not the most exciting part about Power BI development but it’s essential, trust me on this one.

Once we’re done there, I show you how to get started with DAX formulas. The key with creating formulas is to start simple and let the data model do all the hard work around filtering your data to get the results that you need.

From there you can branch out into more complex calculations. This is what I term ‘measure branching’. This is a powerful concept and range of techniques that you need to learn and understand and start using as soon as you can in your own models.

Once we’ve set up our ‘core calculations’ We can actually quite quickly begin building up our report page. I’m going to be looking to identify trends in sales, profits, margins and more.

By using the different dimensions that we have in our model we can effectively drill into why we are seeing the trends we’re seeing, and also why we’re getting the results we are.

So, very quickly you can extract great insight AND we really haven’t even started yet in where you can take your analysis with DAX.

I’ll touch on time intelligence calculations and how we can move to these quite quickly from the base we build. Also I’m going to cover how you can create dynamic visuals based on the ranking of the dimensions you place into your charts. This is a really effective data viz. technique and is really an entry into how you can use DAX to create amazing visuals in your reports.

Setting up our visualization will be next on the list to cover. It is so key in my opinion to really make your visualizations stand out.

I will be covering ALL my best practice tips. They are actually quite simple but REALLY effective, so I’m hoping you’ll be able to get these ideas into your models soon after this session.

This is going to be an interactive session as well. I’m going to answer as many questions as I can. Obviously a lot to get through but if you have any questions that are on topic, I’m happy to run through them.

See you during the session.


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