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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


Enterprise DNA Learning Summit May 2019 – Second Day Wrap Up

by | 1:04 pm EDT | May 22, 2019 | Learning Summits, Power BI

Another 2 sessions completed today with a great turnout once again.

We stepped things up a level today with a detailed review of advanced grouping techniques and also a real-world logistics optimization scenario

While some of the concepts might have been new to those who attended, the great thing I feel is how achievable they are for all Power BI users, especially for those developing reports and models.

You can extract some really advanced and valuable insights using Power BI that are going to make a big difference to decision making within organizations.

That’s what this summit is all about. Showcasing many ways you can create real value from your analysis.

Session 3

During the cluster & groups analysis workshop we covered a variety of technical ideas around this high-level analysis for Power BI.

We walked through the key formula ideas you need to implement and then also the visualization techniques that can make the insights that much more relevant.

A lot covered during this workshop that was well received.


Session 4

The second session was all about the events in progress pattern. I thought the best way to run through this was with a very real-world example of logistics management.

I like to think quite clearly about the end insights I want to showcase. This makes it easier for me to work out how the model should be developed and then which DAX functions I’m going to need to make the analysis stand out.

I ran through my thought processes in detail during this workshop which I think was a solid way to explore this topic.

laptop vector

Only one day left for this learning summit! So far, we have had two high-quality days, with many users tuning in and many more watching the replays that are made available to all those who registered.

There’s still time to come to the last day and get hold of the resources and replays. You can do so below.

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit, May 2019 – Registration

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Catch you then.


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