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Enterprise DNA Learning Summit February 2019 – Final Day Wrap Up

by | 1:26 pm EST | February 21, 2019 | Learning Summits, Power BI

We have reached the end of this quarter’s Learning Summit! What a fantastic event it has been. Thank you to all those who attended any session or have watched any of the replays.

Always appreciate the feedback that comes in.

Just to wrap up for the summit, I thought I would review some of the content that was covered in today’s session. Both of these sessions were quite detailed and I covered a lot of content that I find truly exciting and interesting about Power BI.

The first session was all about cohort analysis. This is some high-quality analysis that you can now integrate, in a somewhat seamless way, into your Power BI models.

We spent some time covering what cohort analysis actually is. I thought that this was important because it is quite a new and foreign concept to many.

If you would like to watch the replay of this particular event you can by using the link below.

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit, February 2019 – Replays

Cohort Analysis

In the last session we covered Prediction & Scenario Analysis.

Possibly my most preferred analytical type of work in Power BI is to do with prediction. Once you have a quality model designed and built from the ground up, you’ll be amazed at how you can start using some of the techniques you already know to begin predicting and forecasting what might happen in the future.

You’ll also be quite intrigued I believe around how you can do all the work you need in Power BI using DAX, rather than some complicated analytical language used by many data scientists.

In this session, I showed you the setup you require, the formula you need to implement and the visualizations you can use to make consumers of this type of analysis really go ‘wow, that is amazing’.

Prediction and Scenario Analysis

That’s all from me around the summit. Thank you very much to all who attended and participated in the event. I thoroughly enjoyed putting on the summit and running the sessions.

I hope you liked the encore sessions featured in this event and hopefully you can find the time to utilize many of the techniques and concepts that we’ve discussed and can implement some of them into your own Power BI development work that you are completing right now.

All the best.


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