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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


Enterprise DNA Learning Summit – Event Wrap Up

by | 2:07 pm EST | November 17, 2017 | DAX, Learning Summits, Webinars

And that’s it.

We wrapped up the first Enterprise DNA Learning Summit today. Another great session, thanks to all who came today and really any of the days. I think as a first go at it, it went very well and will see where to next with the concept.

I think overall it felt not too short or too long and I was able to get through a lot of content.

We did actually cover a huge amount about Power BI during the summit. Via the live sessions and also through the resources I make available you should be able to get your mind around various different aspects and techniques inside of Power BI. Just a small sample of the topics we covered;

  • Power BI desktop data model
  • Core DAX calculations
  • Time intelligence
  • Ranking techniques
  • Budgeting/forecasting
  • Scenario analysis
  • Data viz techniques
  • …and many others.

Event image

The interactivity was great also and that’s why on occasion these live sessions work really well. Being able to get the discussion going and even have some other experts put their comments and thoughts in is, well I think it is, a great format for learning.

If you weren’t able to attend any of the sessions during the summit I’m still going to make the recording and resources available for one week from today, all you have to do is register here and you will get the details. Post this time they will be placed in the Webinar & Summit Series Resources module at Enterprise DNA Online.

Register here – Enterprise DNA Learning Summit

If you have already registered all the details would have been sent out to you via email.

So that’s all for now around the summit. Thanks again to all, hope you enjoyed it and good luck implementing some of the learnings into your Power BI models.


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