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Enterprise DNA Learning Summit August 2019 – First Day Wrap Up

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What a great start to the Enterprise DNA Learning Summit. Today we had two sessions that dived into some beginner and intermediate development techniques that can be utilized inside of Power BI.

We had a record number of live attendees of close to 350 which is a fantastic result. Every continent around the world was represented, which is always impressive. It’s always very satisfying to run events where we can bring many different users of Power BI from all around the world together.

Really appreciate all the feedback that has come through around the first day of the summit and about the two completed workshops. It’s always great to know that those who are attending and interacting live are really getting plenty out of the workshop content and resources that are made available.

Even though we are two sessions down you can still register for the event. Please use the link below.

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit, August 2019 – Registration

During the first session, we covered in detail some of the important techniques to master w/ the query editor and the data model. In any development, these two areas are extremely important to get right before moving onto any analysis and visualization work.

Think of these areas of Power BI as where to develop the foundation of your models making sure the foundation is solid, enables far more intuitive calculations and visuals further on in your reporting.

During the second session, we dived into a range of tips and techniques for when starting out writing DAX formulas. Due to the range of unique scenarios that you could ultimately be working within your own business environments, the session was all about giving you a good overview of how to implement these best practices into your own models.

We covered in detail; the concept of context and how this can be manipulated in a variety of ways within a DAX formula.

We also went through a unique exchange rate example where there was a requirement to adjust actuals information from one table with data from another table.

That’s all for this brief review of the first day of this Learning Summit. Remember if you still want to register you can by using the link above.

There are still four sessions to go during this virtual summit so certainly join in if you can, as I want you to learn as much as possible about high-quality Power BI development.

Look forward to seeing you at the next session tomorrow.


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