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Enterprise DNA January Updates – Membership Upgrade, Events and More

by | 6:30 pm EST | January 31, 2022 | Power BI

It was an amazing start of the year here at Enterprise DNA as we introduced new courses, new events, and other initiatives that we know will greatly benefit the entire community. Let’s take a peek at our January Enterprise DNA updates.

Enterprise DNA Membership Upgrade – Now includes Analyst Hub

The Enterprise DNA Membership has always been of great value considering the huge amount of exclusive courses, events and resources that members have access to. Now, we’ve added even more value to our membership with the Analyst Hub.

The Analyst Hub is the first web-based application designed to support Power BI users in terms of development and deployment. It’s an app built by Power BI users, for Power BI users. Previously considered an add-on, it now exclusively comes with the Enterprise DNA Membership.

Enterprise DNA updates

What does this mean for members? Now that the Analyst Hub can be exclusively accessed through the Membership Portal, members can enjoy the collection of apps carefully curated to help optimize your Power BI development and implementation workflow.

Enterprise DNA Partners Up With Zebra BI

As part of our commitment to keep adding more value to every member’s experience, we’ve partnered up with Zebra BI. Zebra BI provides amazing reporting tools that help Power BI users optimize the way they present data.

We’re excited to have our members experience the amazing products and services Zebra BI has to offer through this partnership. Here’s our Chief Content Manager, Brian Julius, discussing what this partnership means for our members.

Power BI Challenge 18 – OEE Manufacturing Report

We’ve launched the first Power BI Challenge of the year, which covers OEE manufacturing reporting. It’s the perfect way to start the year, knowing that OEE is the gold standard in the manufacturing industry and will certainly challenge our participants in a unique way.

enterprise dna updates

The challenge prompts participants to look into the three key factors that affect production — availability, performance and quality. The participants were also given a list of key formulas that they can use to track OEE across all the machines involved in the process.

It’s exciting to see what participants will come up with, knowing that they were not given any limits in terms of number of pages or the technique to be used. This means that they can go all out with their creative inputs and come up with insightful reports without being restricted to a specific mold.

All winners win complimentary memberships, with first-time participant winners being given a pick from an amazing list of possible prizes. Participants also get the opportunity to have their reports showcased in the Enterprise DNA Power BI Showcase.

January Events

Jumpstarting the year with some fresh momentum, we started the year with Power BI For Excel Users – Kick Start Your Analytics Journey held last January 14. Presented by our Founder, Sam McKay, participants were given the opportunity to learn more about what makes Power BI a powerful analytical tool, from the development techniques that can be applied, to the advanced analytical problems it can solve.

Sam then went on to facilitate another live training workshop called Transformation High-Level Analytics w/ Power BI on January 20, where he talked about advanced Power BI techniques using DAX and other valuable insights.

Next, Sam and Brian Julius, our Chief Content Manager, concluded Power BI Accelerator #8 with our usual member-exclusive solution and Q&A session.

Finally, Enterprise DNA expert Gaelim Holland facilitated a class called Using Python Sentiment Analysis. Here, he walked through analytical and visualization techniques that allows users to create compelling dashboards using Python.

Two New Courses on DAX Studio in the Portal

We continue our tradition of delivering new courses every month by adding two new courses about DAX Studio. DAX Studio is an amazing open-source tool that allows users to execute and analyze DAX queries especially for Power BI and SSAS users.

We started off with DAX Studio for Power BI and SSAS, which talks about querying DAX, working with data models, and other topics showing how powerful DAX Studio can be for Power BI and SASS users who want to optimize their development process. Then, we released the DAX Optimization Masterclass Using DAX Studio, which focuses on how DAX Studio can help improve the overall performance of DAX measures.

Both courses were developed by Antriksh Sharma, one of our Enterprise DNA experts.

New Showcases – Environmental Data Reporting

We’ve added six new reports in our Power BI Showcase, all of them focusing on Environmental Data Reporting.

Power BI Showcase

The Power BI Showcase is a a collection of downloadable pbix files, perfect for some hands-on practice. It helps users learn unique development techniques from the creators of these reports.

Enterprise DNA updates
power bi showcase
power bi showcase
power bi showcase
power bi showcase

The Power BI Showcase is one of the things that makes the Enterprise DNA Membership truly valuable. We all know what a huge impact hands-on practice can have in the learning process, something that we’ve observed with the way our members go from beginners to experts as they immerse themselves in resources like this.

So if you haven’t upgraded to a full membership yet, now is the best time to get started.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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