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Enterprise DNA Is Evolving With A New Experience Going Live

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We are at an exciting juncture with Enterprise DNA.

As a skill development and empowerment platform we have evolved so much since our beginnings. We’ve had over six years of experience empowering Power BI users to create valuable and meaningful analytics.

We have impacted thousands of data professionals and many organizations around the world.

We’ve always had huge ambitions to innovate around how we partner and add value to our users. We’ve done this in many ways, introducing new content, resources, support and tools, bit by bit over many years.

Some highlights include:

  • the support and community forum 
  • unmatched showcases and resources 
  • the Analyst Hub – our productivity toolset 
  • our challenges and project based learning experiences 
  • an unmatched amount of content and structured courses 
  • premium live events with accelerator programs, summits, innovation labs and others 

To achieve these upgrades to our platform and offering we’ve had to invest hugely in time, resources and money. To a large degree, it’s our paying customers and subscribers who’ve made this possible. So a big thank you! 

We’ve evolved and extended our features so extensively that we’ve come to a point where we feel like we need to start repositioning our digital platform for the future. Create some separation between what we’ve offered in the past and what we want to be as an empowerment platform and partner moving into the future.

With this in mind, I’m announcing that we will be pausing any further updates to our Enterprise DNA Membership product and starting fresh with a new experience and platform we are calling Enterprise DNA On-Demand. 

Why this change? 

There’s a number of key reasons. 

This branding now aligns much better with all the current features and offerings within our digital platform as it stands today. 

It also positions us better for the direction we are taking our platform in the future. 

Our brand-new online platform experience is game-changing. It enables us to customise how we interact with our users so much better than we’ve ever been able to do before. 

Through our new online experience we’ve been developing, you can now leverage our content, experience, ideas and much more ‘on-demand’. So it just makes sense to us to start fresh with a completely new name and offering. 

This rebrand also fits much better under our Centre of Excellence umbrella. Now our corporate customers can access us either ‘on-demand’ or  ‘live’ through advisory or live training sessions. 

All our users can get so much more now on-demand:

  • customised learning plans 
  • new persona based learning paths 
  • unmatched structured content and courses 
  • Power BI showcases and templates 
  • support and advice 
  • extensive workshop replays 
  • custom bookmarks and content notes 
  • and the list goes on…….. 

This change also enables us to now start innovating even more with our in-platform features across everything to do with the Power Platform. 

We’ve got so many great ideas around content, tools, resource downloads and more. Some literally game-changing offerings we want to implement really soon! 

Within our new experience we’ve also built a number of enterprise features including:

  • skill development tracking 
  • assignment capabilities for managers 
  • self-service teams management 
  • custom branded subdomains/URLs for global corporates and teams (coming soon) 
  • super manager feature where admins can manage various sub teams 
  • and a ton more…. 

To confirm, 

We will be finishing our support for Enterprise DNA Membership and launching a new experience and platform called Enterprise DNA On-Demand. 

Who does this impact? 

All current paying subscribers on either an annual or monthly plan will automatically be moved over to an On-Demand subscription. You don’t need to do anything. 

All historic lifetime access purchases will still have access to everything that was purchased under Enterprise DNA Membership. This will continue to be completely available for the foreseeable future, but there will be no further updates post this point. 

For these users we are offering 2 months completely free access to On-Demand, and then after that time you will need to make a decision about if you want to continue to access with a paying subscription. 

Free users will remain free users but now on the On-Demand platform. With very limited access to content and resources. 

What to watch out for? 

In coming days you’ll see a range of updates on wording and terminology around the Enterprise DNA website and email communications. 

Our digital platform and offering will now be referred to as Enterprise DNA On-Demand. 

That’s all for now. 

We’re excited about this change and of what the future holds. You can be confident we will continue to work closely with our users and strive to provide to undoubted number one empowerment platform anywhere for Power BI and the Power Platform. 

Thank you! 

Sam McKay 

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