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Enterprise DNA April Updates – New Events, Courses and Partnerships

by | 6:06 am EDT | May 06, 2022 | Power BI

Enterprise DNA ushered in a fresh quarter with an amazing set of initiatives, courses and events that helped show once again how committed we are in adding value to this community. Here’s a look at what we did in April plus a sneak peek of what to expect in May.

New on Power BI Showcase — OEE Manufacturing Report

We’ve added three new reports to our Power BI Showcase, all of them focusing on OEE manufacturing reporting. OEE is a universal standard used in manufacturing. With all the KPIs involved in measuring it, you can just imagine how useful Power BI can be in presenting and analyzing the data involved.

power bi showcase

This is one of the biggest strengths in our showcases. With downloadable PBIX files that allow our members to break down how each report was made, they become better prepared to deal with similar real-life scenarios in the future.

EDNA Partners With Numerro, Reid Havens, Greg Deckler and Pascal Kiefer

We sealed new partnerships in April, giving us even more opportunities to expand our content, add value to our members, and explore new initiatives.

This is why we’ve partnered up with Numerro, a company that helps Power BI users create beautiful reports through their easy-to-use toolkit. This allows data professionals to focus on the data analysis and report building without having to spend too much time on the design elements.

We’re also working with Reid Havens, the founder of Havens Consulting, Greg Deckler, a Microsoft MVP and Vice President at Fusion Alliance, and Pascal Kiefer, CEO and Founder of K Team Solutions. With this powerhouse of some of the most influential names in data, we are sure to deliver more insightful content, courses, events and other initiatives for our community.

New Course Releases: SQL for PBI Users, Data Storytelling and DAX for SQL Users

We released three new courses in April, continuing our commitment to providing an amazing amount of learning opportunities to Enterprise DNA members.

We knew how well Power BI and SQL work together, which is why two of the courses we launched focused on showing how they work side by side. The course SQL For Power BI Users by Hafiz Muhammad Zubair Sultan showed how SQL helps make the report development process more seamless, while DAX for SQL Developers by our DAX Expert, Antriksh Sharma, emphasized the similarities between DAX and SQL.

We also launched an interesting course that highlights how important it is to lay out the flow of your report the same way you would tell a story. In this course entitled Data Storytelling & User-Centered Design In Power BI, Alex Badiu, a globally recognized data visualization expert and data storyteller, shows how storytelling techniques can help audiences understand and interpret the data more clearly.

All courses are exclusive for Enterprise DNA members, so make sure you upgrade to a full membership if you want to take advantage of these courses to level up your skills as a data professional.

April Affiliate Competition Winner

We launched the Affiliate Competition last April to give our best performing affiliates extra perks for introducing our community to even more data professionals and enthusiasts. Let’s all congratulate our first ever winner, Isaac Bukola Adetunji!

The Enterprise DNA Affiliate program allows you to earn commissions for every referral that signs up for a membership. The best part is, we provide all of your marketing collaterals and assist you throughout the sales process, setting you up for success.

Interested in being one of our affiliates? Click here to find out more.

April Events

April was definitely an eventful month, with learning opportunities launched throughout the month.

We kicked off the month with an Introduction to Enterprise DNA Power Tools by none other than Greg Deckler, a Microsoft MVP and Vice President at Fusion Alliance. Here, workshop participants enjoyed over 40 minutes of learning about the huge impact that Power Tools can have in their report development process.

We also had the webinar called Supercharging Your Charts & Graphs in Power BI facilitated by Reid Havens, another Microsoft MVP and Founder of Havens Consulting. Participants enjoyed almost an hour of powerful demonstrations on waterfall comparison charts, KPI charts using dynamic analytics lines, and so much more.

We then invited the winner to our 18th Power BI Challenge, Paul Gerber, to talk about his report on OEE Manufacturing Reporting on April 15. He shared best practices and talked about how he put the entire report together to those who attended the webinar.

On April 22, George Mount, one of our Enterprise DNA Experts, conducted a workshop about Correlation and Regressions in Excel. Here, he talked about the difference between correlation and causation and discussed how to summarize and visualize linear relationships.

Finally, Henry Habib, another Enterprise DNA Expert, presented the webinar entitled Take Power BI To The Next Level w/ The Power Platform in April 27. In this event, he talked about how Power Apps and Power Automate can boost your Power BI report development process.

What To Watch Out For In May

May also promises to be just as impactful as April.

We’re excited to launch the Reporting & Data Visualization Summit, which is happening from May 23 to 27. Data professionals and enthusiasts will be treated to over 25 training sessions about topics like Enhanced Visualisation Frameworks for Power BI, Developing Report Transparency, No-Code Visualization, and a lot more. We’ve invited amazing guests to this summit and have put together exclusive member-only sessions.

We also have three webinars lined up — How to Create the Perfect Mobile Report Using HTML Custom Visuals happening on May 6th, A Visual Revolution: Building a Scorecard Instantly w/ InfoRiver on May 13th; and The Innovations Lab on May 15th, where our Data Visualization Expert, Mudassir Syed Rashid Ali will be joined by four other global experts to discuss how to build scalable Power Platform solutions to implement robust business processes.

We’ll also be wrapping up the 19th Power BI Challenge about Call Centre Data Reporting this month, so watch out for announcements here in our blog and in the Enterprise DNA Forum.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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