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Enterprise DNA April Updates: New Course, Showcases and More

by | 2:15 am EDT | May 05, 2021 | Power BI

One thing that we love about the Enterprise DNA community is the fact that everyone has this unending thirst for knowledge. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to keep finding new ways to help everyone collaborate, educate and learn. The amazing things we did here at Enterprise DNA in April is clear proof of that.

Here are some of the highlights for the month of April.

Advanced Visualization Techniques Parts 1 and 2

Visualization is one of the four pillars that contribute to an effective report for a good reason; it has a huge impact on how audiences understand and interact with the data and insights presented.

This makes the two-part course called Advanced Visualization Techniques a critical part in creating and mastering your own report development process. Part 1 focuses on how to create great visuals without advanced DAX skills, while Part 2 zeroes in on the custom visuals that can be created with Charticulator.

Enterprise DNA April

The course was created and presented by Mudassir Ali, an Enterprise DNA expert with a strong background in Management Accounting. If you’ve been following our Power BI Challenges, his reports would probably be familiar to you. He has created some of the most creative submissions and has won three challenges in the past.

advanced visualization techniques

One of the biggest takeaways from these two courses is the fact that there are skills to learn and tools to maximize that would allow you to create beautiful reports despite not having a creative background and advanced DAX skills. It is a common misconception that only artists can come up with creative designs, a myth that Mudassir busts.

The course can be paid for on its own, but for those who really want value, it’s much better to sign up for an Enterprise DNA membership and get access not just to this course, but to all other courses with the Enterprise DNA Learning Center. There are new courses and resources launched every month, all geared towards helping Power BI users master the skills they need the most.

Problem of the Week on Enterprise DNA in April

The 10th Problem of the Week was launched and concluded in April through the Enterprise DNA Forum. This time, the DAX-only problem was about dealing with time periods.

Basically, the challenge requires calculating the number of customers between a specific time period while also defining the start time and end time for the said period. This is a great topic to cover because time is one of the elements that could cause issues in any report.

The great thing about this problem is that it focuses more on the technical side of things. It’s a practical problem that anybody will encounter no matter what industry they’re from, so picking up the right technique to use will definitely have long-term value.

Watch Haroon’s explanation and solution in this video.

The Problem of the Week series is launched every 2 weeks, with each problem requiring either a DAX-only or a Power Query-only solution.

Enterprise DNA April Events

April was just brimming with great events meant for both members and non-members of Enterprise DNA.

Our founder, Sam McKay, facilitated a live workshop called Advanced DAX Concepts for members and non-members last April 2.

Enterprise DNA April

The workshop was helpful for analysts, database professionals, Excel users, and data enthusiasts as it talked about cumulative totals, measure branching, and dynamic grouping using DAX. Members are still able to access the replay through their membership portal.

We also had the Power BI Mastermind, an exclusive members-only event facilitated by Sam McKay and Melissa de Korte. Here, Melissa shares best practices and tips on how she builder her reports. One of our experts, Melissa is skilled in ETL and modeling and is one of the best when it comes to Power Query solutions in Power BI and Excel.

The Power BI & DAX Master Class was also concluded in April. It covered the 4 key pillars of Power BI development, the fundamentals of DAX, DAX formula combinations, and advanced analytics using Power BI.

The Analyst Hub Best Practices was another valuable webinar concluded in April. It’s a great class to watch for those who want to supercharge the Power BI development strategies, especially since we’ve been seeing a lot of new useful tools within the Analyst Hub in the past few months.

The live training workshop entitled High Level Analytics with Power BI closed off our April events. This workshop helped the participants analyze their data in a more comprehensive manner, optimize their techniques in interpreting patterns and trends, and combine high level analysis with the power of the data model.

Three New Power BI Showcases on Purchase, Sales, Inventory Trends and More

The Power BI Showcase is a great resource for Power BI users. It features reports and dashboards that can be downloaded and used for real hands-on experience, with each showcase focusing on a unique industry and purpose.

Power BI Showcase

Three showcases were added to the collection in April. These were among the best submissions on the Power BI Challenge, which is done every 2 to 3 weeks. One is about purchases, sales and inventory trends, the second is a purchases summary report, and the third is a Covid-19 global report.

Enterprise DNA April

The great thing about these showcases is that they show how dynamic Power BI really is. And for Enterprise DNA members who have access to these showcases, the downloaded files can help them figure out how each of these reports were built from the ground up. This could help them create their own development process as well, especially if their field of expertise relates closely to the report highlighted.

Introducing the Hub Chat

The Analyst Hub is the ultimate productivity and collaboration tool for Power BI users. This web-based application contains apps that help make report development a more seamless and effective process. It also allows teams to work together more efficiently.

An ongoing project that we’ve been working on over the past year, we continue to add new elements that will make the Hub even more powerful. The latest addition, the Hub Chat, makes communication even clearer and more efficient.

Enterprise DNA April

Aside from the Enterprise DNA Forum, this is one of the best places to be connected to the entire community and get real time answers to your questions. Even our experts are active in the chat, so you’ll know that there’s always someone willing to help with any concern.

Stay tuned to the Enterprise DNA Blog and stay connected to our community at the Enterprise DNA Forum for more updates and announcements.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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