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Enterprise DNA 2021: Celebrating The Year’s Triumphs And Lessons

by | 9:38 pm EST | January 03, 2022 | Announcement, Power BI

The way the world uses and looks at data continues to evolve, creating more opportunities for people across different fields, industries and areas of expertise. As we say goodbye to 2021 and usher in 2022, we celebrate the contributions that Enterprise DNA and our entire community has made to that evolution.

2021 was indeed a challenging time for all of us, but we experienced a lot of triumphs and learned valuable lessons in the process. We also stayed true to our mission of empowering Power BI users to change their world.

Here are some of the highlights that made 2021 a great year for all of us.

New Apps In The Analyst Hub

The Analyst Hub is the ultimate productivity and collaboration tool that levels up the way Power BI users work with data. Launched in August 2020, we continue to make it better by adding new apps that will make the lives of data professionals and enthusiasts a lot easier.

Enterprise DNA

We started working on the Analyst Hub with the needs of every data professional in mind. Because these needs are ever-evolving, we make sure we keep the hub updated by adding a range of tools regularly.

In February, for example, we added the Analytics Planner and the Data Model Planner. We followed it up with the M Code Repository, Raw Code, and Video Playlist in March.

Get the Analyst Hub at a discounted price here

Learning Plan Customization In The EDNA Learning Map

The EDNA Learning Map was a great guide in taking members from point A to B in their goals of improving their own Power BI skills. But every person has a unique need that does not always align with the learning path of others.

That’s why we decided to allow users to customize their own learning experience. Learning plan customization allows them to enroll in the right courses depending on what works best for their unique need.

Enterprise DNA

The revamped learning map allows users to carve their own path based on skill level, focus topic, course format, and number of hours they want to spend in training.

Create a learning plan to upgrade your Power BI skills here

Learning Portals Revamped

The Enterprise DNA membership program and Center of Excellence both provide amazing support especially through the Membership Portal and COE Portal. This year, we revamped both portals to make all the tools and resources even more accessible.

We also added functional and industry labs to both portals. The functional lab focuses on specific business functions, while the industry lab focuses on specific industries.

6000 Members On Our 6th Year

2021 marked Enterprise DNA’s 6th year and wow, what better way to mark this milestone than by reaching 6,000 members?

The huge jump in membership is a testament to the impact that Enterprise DNA has been making in the Power BI community. The entire team has also been working double time in producing even better content and finding more ways to add value to the membership.

Of course, we believe that our content was one of the secret ingredients that attracted more people into the community, aside from the culture of collaboration and amount of support that everyone receives from our pool of experts.

Learn more about the Enterprise DNA Membership

Continuous Growth And Expansion Of Initiatives And Programs

Each Power BI user has unique needs and goals. That’s why we have always strived to provide a wide spectrum of initiatives and programs that cater to different audiences. In 2021, we saw all the initiatives and programs we’ve created in the past years grow and expand — a true testament to their impact on our members.

We saw more people participating in the Power BI Challenges we released this year, which resulted in 148 showcases. We relaunched the Program of the Week as Power BI Accelerator, which continues to guide beginners through the basics in a collaborative environment.

We gave away over 500 scholarships and created connections with other communities like the Everything on Data community, Lagos Power BI Learning community, Romania Power BI and Modern Excel User Group, and Finex Skills. We also revamped the process of certification and issuance of badges.

62 Free Events

All in all, we were able to launch and facilitate 62 free Power BI events throughout the year. This includes new event formats like Power BI Freestyle with Sam, Power BI Roundtable, Power BI Accelerator Q&A Sessions, and Data Challenge Office Hours.

Although some events were opened to non-members, some of the most valuable learnings came from exclusive members-only events. These virtual events covered a variety of topics both within and beyond Power BI.

Join unique conversations and workshops, dedicated to the successful implementation of Power BI – Enterprise DNA Events

CoE Corporate Reseller Partnership Program Launched

We launched the Center of Excellence On-Demand Reseller Partnership Program so that members of our community can grab the opportunity to earn while helping others reap the benefits of our CoE platform.

The reseller program gives resale partners a 50% commission on each license they sell; and provides marketing peripherals, set-up services, administrative support and client relationship management.

Become a CoE Reseller

Brian Julius As Chief Content Manager

The content that we create truly plays a huge role in making sure we stay true to our commitment to empower data professionals to reach their full potential. With Brian Julius, one of our Enterprise DNA experts, now in charge of our content team as the Chief Content Manager, we saw our content strategy grow and improve by leaps and bounds.

Brian Julius Enterprise DNA Power BI Expert

Brian has helped evolve the way we produce content. Now, we go beyond Power BI and allow our community to learn more about the entire Power Platform and other Microsoft applications as well. He has also extended our network to include not just the people within our existing community, but that of other Power BI groups as well.

With Brian at the helm, we launched 16 new courses, grew our LinkedIn connection, and expanded our Experts community to 25 people. 19 of these experts are now doing content for Enterprise DNA as well, greatly increasing the value we offer to the entire community.

Take a peak at our lineup of new courses for 2022

Other Wins For 2021

Aside from these milestones and achievements for 2021, we also continued providing excellence at every turn through the Enterprise DNA TV video tutorials, our daily tutorial blogs, Sam’s podcast entitled The Analytic Mind, and other valuable content.

We expanded our course offerings to Udemy, allowing us to reach more people.

The Enterprise DNA Forum continues to be a valuable part of the community. It is still one of the most collaborative environments out there, with beginners, experts, professionals and enthusiasts supporting each other and sharing best practices in an effort to grow together in their respective fields.

Seeing how amazing 2021 was for us despite the many challenges, we’re looking forward to an even greater 2022 for the entire team and community.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team


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