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Education Platform And Pricing Updates From Enterprise DNA

by | Announcement, Power BI

We have been making a lot of updates to many areas of Enterprise DNA’s education platform, resources, and applications lately. 

Some of these have been mentioned before. With a lot of our latest initiatives finally taking shape in recent weeks, it has come to a point where we need to reassess and revise how our pricing works. 

In this blog, I want to detail some of the reasons why we are making the changes.

Why are we making the changes?

We now have three offerings at Enterprise DNA: the Enterprise DNA MembershipCenter of Excellence, and the Analyst Hub

We want to make sure that all of these are available at a price point that is accessible and provides immense value to those looking to invest in the training, resources, and tools that we are building. 

We have a strategic plan to continue to build out these offerings considerably in the long term. This is why we need to adjust our pricing to a subscription-based format for this to make sense. 

What is the big change around pricing? 

In summary, here are the latest price updates. The biggest change is that membership will no longer be a one-off purchase, but rather, a subscription. 

Enterprise DNA Membership: USD$410/yr/user

Analyst Hub (Pre-sale Price): Approximately USD$20/month/user

Enterprise DNA Membership + Analyst Hub: USD$585/yr 

Center of Excellence: USD$620/yr/user (Custom pricing for larger organizations)

What if I already have a membership? 

Absolutely nothing changes for those who have membership already. We’ve always wanted to thank our earlier supporters. This is why you will still have your membership from here on out. 

You’ll get to benefit from the continued upgrades that we place into our membership program over time.

What if I have any questions on the updates? 

Feel free to contact us if you’re unsure what this means by using our contact us page

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