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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


Discovering Advanced Insights in Power BI – Free Workshop Preview

by | 6:27 pm EST | January 13, 2018 | DAX, Power BI, Webinars

For the first webinar series session of the year I thought I would dive into some more advanced concepts around Power BI development.

To learn more about the event and to register click here – Webinar Registration

To get advanced in Power BI you first have to start using DAX formulas. Hopefully this is a given for you all and you have at least started learning DAX (if not, check out the Ultimate Beginners Guide to DAX).

During this virtual training I’m going to dive into how you can extend simple DAX calculations to get advanced insights very very fast in Power BI. The key is to structure your DAX formulas a certain way.

With Power BI being such a great visualization tool also, I’m going to showcase how you can use the insights we derive from our formula techniques and dynamically showcase them in an effective way.

So there will be a lot to get through, but the great thing I feel about the content and training I’m going to run through, is that it is so achievable for any Power BI user to start utilizing.

The concept of ‘measure branching’ (which will be the main topic I cover) is so essential as you move to master Power BI development.

You can start simple but quickly get to multiple branches of measures that enable you to discover very advanced insights with relative ease. As I say it’s all mainly about getting the setup right and structuring your formulas to make this easy for you.

We’ll also be covering some time intelligence techniques. Where these time related insights really begin producing valuable work is when you combine them with measure branching also. So that will certainly be a key takeaway from the session.

I’m also always very focused on making reports look good as I hope you know by now.

It’s not enough just to develop a good model and have some DAX formulas producing calculations, your visualizations also need to showcase the insights really effectively.

I’ll be walking through some of my visualization tips that I think will be helpful as you look to build out your report pages to showcase within your teams.

Ok, that’s it for the preview. To learn more and register for the live event use the link here – Discovering Advanced Insights in Power BI.


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