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DAX for SQL Developers – New Course At Enterprise DNA

by | 8:43 pm EDT | May 02, 2022 | Announcement, Power BI

DAX and SQL have a lot of things in common, paving the way for so many opportunities especially if you want to find more ways to enhance what you can do as a SQL developer.

In this new course by one of our Enterprise DNA experts, Antriksh Sharma, SQL developers can use their knowledge and apply it to DAX to make it easier for them to transition into DAX-based platforms.

What To Expect

SQL developers might think that they’re standing on unfamiliar territory when they start using Power BI and dealing with DAX. But the truth is, SQL users have a huge advantage when it comes to DAX.

There are so many similarities that can help SQL users transition into DAX smoothly. Both DAX and SQL work with a database, for example. Even the internal query executed within Power BI is just a pseudo SQL language.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to apply your SQL knowledge to DAX
  • How to perform different operations like GROUPBY, HAVING, SELECT, WHERE, etc.
  • What the difference is between xmSQL and SQL
  • How to get unique values, add columns and join tables
  • How to solve common scenarios like getting the Running Total and %Over Total using both SQL and DAX

These learning opportunities will help SQL developers level up their DAX game and do more with the data that you’re working with.

Who The Course Is For

This course is perfect for intermediate level users who have gone through our DAX and SQL courses. We also recommend going through our courses DAX Studio for Power BI/SSAS and DAX Optimization Masterclass Using DAX Studio before enrolling to this course so that you can have a better foundation on the concepts to be discussed.

All these courses are exclusive for Enterprise DNA members, so upgrade to a full membership first if you haven’t already to maximize the learnings from these courses.

About Antriksh Sharma

Antriksh has a strong background in Power BI, Power Pivot, Power Query and SSAS, as well as in DAX and SQL. He also has years of experience in Excel automation via VBA.

His interest lie mostly around data modeling, data preparation and data clean-up. As a Super User within Microsoft’s Power BI community platform, he has also shared a vast number of solutions just as he does within our own Enterprise DNA Forum. This shows his passion for sharing his knowledge and helping others become the best data professionals they can be.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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