Custom Dynamic Segmentation Using DAX In Power BI

Custom Dynamic Segmentation Using DAX In Power BI

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We are going to get advanced with this tutorial. I will cover how you can create Custom Dynamic Groups inside visualizations with Power BI.

What do I mean by Dynamic Groups?

Think about a scenario where you have a range of different customers and you want to group them into who you judge are good, average, and the worst.

They could be segmented based on a range of different metrics. It could be something very simple like sales, but it could also be advanced like margin growth, average profits per month, or some other complex calculation.

This example is focussed on how you can do all of this in an efficient way. How you can achieve these results and visuals using the right data model techniques and also some advanced DAX calculations.

It is advanced but seriously amazing in my view. These insights just aren’t possible with other tools out there. Also, the information doesn’t normally pop out of your raw data. You need to find it and showcase it in a compelling way.

This technique is very reusable in many different situations and in many different reporting applications.

I highly recommend diving into this topic and truly understand how it works. There will be many applications of this you can implement within your own data scenarios and environments.

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