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3 Ways To Combine Values Using DAX Inside Power BI

For this tutorial, I’ll be showing you different ways of how to combine values using advanced DAX functions. This is an amazing DAX formula and I’ll be teaching you three different ways of how to use it. The COMBINEVALUES function is not a difficult DAX function to understand. It’s very simple and is similar to

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Showing The Last Three Customer Sales Using The TOPN Function

I’m going to cover some great functions here in Power BI that are very useful across a variety of analytic scenarios. Some of these functions can help us work out the last three customer sales. What I want to show you is how to work out the sales from a specific customer, but by only

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Sensitivity Analysis Examples in Power BI

Sensitivity Analysis Logic Using DAX in Power BI

I want to dive deeper and show you the ways of implementing some sensitivity analysis examples in your Power BI model. Sensitivity analysis is a very important financial model. It helps businesses in predicting the outcome of a certain scenario, like customer and cost changes, to the overall gains of company. In a previous tutorial

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How to Maximize The Use of INTERSECT Function – Advanced DAX

The INTERSECT function in Power BI is an advanced table function and you need to understand it better so you can maximize the use of this advanced DAX. But to understand how it works, you need to get much better at understanding virtual tables. Virtual tables are a key concept when utilizing DAX measures within

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Pareto Analysis: Who Are The Top 20% Customers

Hey everyone, have I got an interesting insight for you! In this article, I’m going to go over the Pareto analysis and help you identify your top 20% customers. Not only do we want to break out the top 20% versus the bottom 80%, we also want to delve deeper into that top 20% and

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