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Calculating Percent Profit Margins Using DAX In Power BI

Working out your profit margins in Power BI with a basic data set can seem like it requires a few steps. Maybe you think you need to use calculated columns to get the result. Well, you certainly don’t need to do that. There is a much simpler way. Using measures, you can start with simple

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Predicting Future Results – Next Free Power BI Training Workshop

Predicting Future Results - Next Free Power BI Training Workshop

In the next free Power BI training workshop being put on by Enterprise DNA we are going to be diving deep into some prediction analysis. You can learn more and register for the event here Predicting Future Results in Power BI What I wanted to do was take a very real-world situation and look to

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New Course Release – Scenario Analysis Deep Dive

Power BI Online Training Course Scenario Analysis

You can view details about this latest course release here – Scenario Analysis Deep Dive If you want an overview of what you can achieve with scenario analysis, you can here – Scenario Analysis intro Another month and another course release into Enterprise DNA Online. As many of you already know I’m a huge fan

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Scenario Analysis Patterns in Power BI using DAX – Free Training Workshop

Awesome live session today! In this months free training workshop we covered a comprehensive scenario analysis example. Through this we went through a number of tips and techniques around how you can develop compelling Power BI solutions using the new ‘What If’ parameter feature. If you want to check out the session, you can view

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