Category: Scenario Analysis

Layering Multiple ‘What If’ Parameters For Advanced Analytics in Power BI

As you likely know, I am a huge promoter of scenario analysis in Power BI. Scenario analysis is an amazing analytical technique you can use in Power BI that virtually allows you to predict what might happen in the future. In this tutorial, I explain how you can layer multiple scenarios, one on top of

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Evaluate Clusters in Your Data – Advanced Power BI and DAX Technique

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how showcasing clusters in your data enables you to extract far superior insights than if you just had a scatter chart with a whole lot of information planted in there. I’m going to go through some advanced DAX techniques that you need to utilize in combination with

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Dynamic Scenario Analysis of Average Order Size – Analytics with Power BI

In this video tutorial, I’m going to go through something quite practical for a retailer who sells goods at a high frequency. When you are a business that sells a lot of goods – let’s think about an online retailer – if you can analyse how much you would benefit from increasing your average order

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