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Understanding your customer better with Power BI

Latest post on the Power BI community site was recently released. Navigate there via the below link. Also, the most recent webinar in our series was dedicated to running through the numerous techniques used to develop this solution. You can view it at our youtube channel. If you would like to use the

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Enterprise DNA gets featured on the Global Power BI Partner Showcase Site

It’s awesome to see Microsoft showcasing partner work on their website. Recently Enterprise DNA became one of the lead features. Not only are we one of the lead features, we are STILL the MOST FEATURED, out of any partner in the entire world. That is pretty cool. This is truly great, as a lot of

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Exploring my Mailchimp data in Power BI

This is my first post in my new series detailing how I use data and Power BI to grow my own business. What better way to showcase how amazing Power BI is than to show everyone how I use it every day to increase my own community profile and of course revenue, as that’s what

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Check out latest Power BI showcase submission

Understanding your customer better. (Play with demo here) Review how sales have performed dynamically in any time frame and also compare that to similar time frames historically.  

Isolating The Top Or Bottom Outcomes Using RANKX In Power BI

Today we are going to focus on a technique used in the ‘Time Intelligence’ demo in the ‘Scenarios’ section of the Enterprise DNA showcase. I’ll show you how you can use RANKX in Power BI to get your top or bottom results. Being able to show dynamically the top or bottom outcomes of any calculations

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