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Power BI Challenge 11 Wrap-Up: COVID-19 Reporting

We started the year with a Power BI Challenge that’s relevant to the world’s current situation. Now, we’ve wrapped up our first challenge of the year, which has, as always, delivered amazing results from our participants. The 11th Power BI Challenge deal with COVID-19 reporting, which gives us a good overview of where the world

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Power BI Challenge #10 Wrap Up

We’ve concluded yet another Power BI Challenge and it’s quite a milestone for the Enterprise DNA team, as well as the active participants in the forum. It is, after all, our 10th challenge! This 10th Power BI Challenge involves supplier insights. Participants were supposed to pretend that they’re working with a manufacturer who needs an

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Reporting In Power BI: How To Create Information Boxes


I’m going to show you something quite cool that I saw in a recent Power BI challenge submission that we ran at Enterprise DNA. These are great techniques you can use when reporting in Power BI. This topic is from the Power BI Challenge 4: Delivery App Review. The submission that I’ll showcase in this

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Power BI Challenge 10 – Supplier Insights

We’ve launched the 10th Power BI Challenge and this time, we’re covering supplier insights. Once again, we’ve come up with a unique scenario that everyone can work on to make sure we’re maximizing what Power BI can do. A complimentary membership to Enterprise DNA Online is also more than worth it, knowing that this membership

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Power BI Dashboard Design – An Impressive Page Turning Visualization Idea


In this tutorial, I want to highlight one of the most innovative page-turning visualization ideas that I’ve seen in a Power BI dashboard design.  Many of you may know that we are running Power BI challenges on our Enterprise DNA forum. You can participate if you have access to our platform or you can check

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