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Layering Multiple ‘What If’ Parameters For Advanced Analytics in Power BI

As you likely know, I am a huge promoter of scenario analysis in Power BI. Scenario analysis is an amazing analytical technique you can use in Power BI that virtually allows you to predict what might happen in the future. In this tutorial, I explain how you can layer multiple scenarios, one on top of

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Implementing 80/20 Logic in Your Power BI Analysis

Have you ever heard of the Pareto Principle? Another name for it is the 80/20 Rule. The rule stipulates that for every 20% of something, you’ll generally receive 80% of the results. So if we look at this from a business perspective, we’re saying that 20% of our customers should make up 80% of our

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Customer Attrition Analysis – Advanced DAX in Power BI

We’re going to get advanced today. We’re going to really dive deep into customer churn: new customer and lost customer analysis. Now another name for this is attrition analysis because we want to see how our customer are churning, how many of our customers are coming on board and buying our products, how many are

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