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Announcing The Enterprise DNA Submit A Showcase Program

Today we are launching a brand-new program here at Enterprise DNA. We are looking to collaborate with talented Power BI analysts and developers through our new submit a showcase program. What’s the Submit A Showcase Program all about? Enterprise DNA already has an extensive depository of Power BI showcases and projects. You can actually view

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New Pricing Across All Course Modules At Enterprise DNA Online – Now Available

Announcement Enterprise DNA Power BI Training Course Modules New Pricing

This week we have made a significant decision to adjust the pricing across all course modules within Enterprise DNA Online. We are doing this for a couple of reasons which are detailed below. Over the last few months we have received feedback from a large cohort of Power BI users connected to Enterprise DNA who

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Announcing The Enterprise DNA Internship Program

This week we’re launching the Enterprise DNA Internship Program.  Our internship program will give aspiring users of Power BI around the world an opportunity to learn and collaborate with us more closely than ever before.  We are on the lookout for top young talent who are interested in quickly mastering Power BI through our education

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Announcing The Enterprise DNA Scholarship Program

Today we have an exciting announcement at Enterprise DNA. We are launching our scholarship program. We have a desire at Enterprise DNA to impact all users of Power BI around the world, and with the creation of this scholarship program, we feel we can bring a wider reach to our unmatched offering of training and

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