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Power BI Challenge 19 – Call Centre Data Reporting

call center data reporting

We know that you’ve been enjoying our Power BI challenges and we’ve been kept on our toes coming up with great topics and datasets for you to work on to keep the excitement going round after round. That’s why we’ve prepared some great material for you and will continue to make each challenge more interesting

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Enterprise DNA Membership: Level Up Your Team

Here at Enterprise DNA, we’re committed to creating the most valuable analytical thinkers and users of Power BI around the world. We do this by delivering high-quality content and carefully curated resources that can help Power BI users level up their game, no matter their skill level. Of course, Enterprise DNA members get the most

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SQL For Power BI Users – New Enterprise DNA Course

Structured Query Language, otherwise known as SQL, is a programming language used mostly to communicate with databases. Some people may feel that SQL is quite dated and might prefer newer languages, but it remains one of the most widely-used database languages in the world. Using SQL for Power BI can definitely level up the way

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