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Brand New Refreshed Content For The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Power BI 

by | 6:19 pm EDT | March 25, 2020 | Power BI

We’ve been making a lot of updates to our content, resources and applications at Enterprise DNA. 

Today, I can announce that we have refreshed all of the content within our Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI course module

This is our most popular course throughout all of Enterprise DNA Online, our education portal. This is mainly due to the fact that it is completely free

Nothing has changed there, it’s still free to enroll. We’ve just worked to improve and refresh the content mainly because of Power BI having a new look and feel with some additional features that are worth mentioning. 

The updated course runs for just over three hours and covers all of the key aspects of high-quality Power BI development. This includes data transformations, data modelling, DAX calculations, and data visualisations. I have also reviewed the Power BI online service, which is a very important part of distributing your analysis effectively throughout your teams and organisation. 

In our view, there is no better beginners’ course to Power BI than the one we make available at Enterprise DNA Online. A lot of thought and time has been spent working out what are the most important best practices that any new user to Power BI needs to master. And that is exactly what is covered in an efficient way within this course module. 

You’ll be able to complete a brand-new report from scratch utilising the demo data that we provide in the resource pack. So if you’re able to work your way through the content from start to finish, you will be in a great position to create quality reports yourself on your own data and within your own environments. 

We also provide a quiz at the end of the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI. Definitely look to take this quiz to test your knowledge from all of the ideas and tips contained within the video tutorials. 

Also upon completion, you have the opportunity to get a course completion certificate from the Enterprise DNA team. This will automatically be sent to you if you complete all of the individual video lessons within the course. 

That’s enough of a summary, we look forward to you jumping in and starting your Power BI education journey in the best way possible. 

Really looking forward to seeing you all learn through our platform, and can’t wait to get your feedback. 


Enterprise DNA Team 

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